Power of Metal.dk Review

Sunset in the 12th House
Style: Progressive Metal / Post Metal
Release date: 05 June 2015
Playing time: 56:35

I had never heard of Sunset in the 12th House prior to doing this review. This is one of those times that I am really glad I am able to review albums. "Mozaic" by Sunset in the 12th House is such an amazing listen. The album is instantly pleasing and memorable but still has so many layers to it that you find new things each time you listen to it.

"Mozaic" kicks off with an epic called "Seven Insignia." This 14 plus minute track is the most metallic of all the songs and has many hooks and memorable riffs. Big, thick and massive riffs too. This track will please any progressive metal fan and is easily my favorite track. The next track "Arctic Cascades" is maybe the opposite of the opener. It is more delicate and moody. "Arctic Cascades" is more open and much calmer, yet somewhat cold. It still has a great groove to it once it gets going which is something the band is great at doing. Each song has sections that flow perfectly, transitions that you barely notice. "Mozaic" is like a six part journey and Sunsets in the 12th House are the tour guides for that journey.

"Paraphernalia of Sublimation" has a quiet start but leads to some post metal riffing that any Pelican fan would enjoy. Unlike Pelican, Sunset in the 12th House never say with a riff, melody or chord pattern any longer than they need to. One thing I haven't mentioned is that the band is basically an instrumental band. When I say "basically," I say that because the final track "Rejuvenation" has some great harsh vocals. None of the previous 5 tracks needed vocals and perhaps this final song is to show people that Sunsets in the 12th House can do just about anything. "Mozaic" is an appropriate name for an album that has just about anything a metal fan could want, provided you don't want basic 3 minute metal songs of course!

01. Seven Insignia
Arctic Cascades
Paraphernalia of Sublimation
Desert's Eschaton
Ethereal Consonance
Label: Prophecy
Reviewed by: ProgManRob Pociluk
Date: 11 June 2015
Website: sunset-in-the-12th-house.bandcamp.com