Power of Metal.dk Review

Kali Yuga
Style: Sludge/Stoner
Release date: Date 1/06/15
Playing time: 46:27

This is a pretty down to Earth for the genre. Nothing that I would call outstanding but presses all the right buttons if you are in to this kind of thing. I enjoy listening to it but the vocals need to be cleaner, and I don't mean the style, I mean in terms of production. It isn't the best. Too quiet in some places, too loud in others, and far too much reverb in some others.

There has been some success in breaking away from the formula a bit to have some faster songs which isn't often characteristic of this type of music from what I know, but I don't think it suffers for that. I find it quite refreshing.

Flowing blues based riffs with a heavy gain but not too much to make the tone indistinguishable - something I mentioned in another review of a stoner/sludge bad that is often a weakness. Well done for avoiding it. A lot of the music has the roots of rock and roll at the heart of it - that 'born of the blues......just heavier' feel. Musically speaking in terms of raw talent, they haven't let themselves down at all.

But dammit, again, if only they'd kill the reverb in places and get some decent production. The bass is something that I feel I would only notice if it wasn't there, but I want to be able to appreciate it's presence and I cannot.

Obese can certainly build on this, but it's really just a question of a few tweaks so that people can get a better benefit of what is at the moment only a very good foundation of an album, rather than a great album. Definitely worth a listen - but maybe a bit of re-mastering in the studio is needed.

01. Enion
Rate Of Fire
Kali Yuga
The Bitter Blast
Red As The Sun
Down The Gauntlet
Begetter Dead Letter
Label: Argonauta Records
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: (12/6/15)
Website: www.facebook.com/obeseofficial