Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Location: The Underworld, London, England
20 February, 2015

 Sodom, Divine Chaos

First thing that strikes on having descended into ‘The Underworld’ is that there’s a pit....which I had never seen before at this venue. The absence of a pit tended to foster a special band/crowd rapport. But I quickly brush these thoughts aside to ponder on the two bands set to hit the stage. 

You have the headliner that made its first recordings when the members of the support band hadn’t even been born. So will fan loyalty and recognition of fledgling talent be enough to fill the venue and animate the audience?

Read on to find out.....

Divine Chaos (www.facebook.com/divinechaosband)

Divine Chaos is a band from the outskirts of London with just one album to their credit. That album - “A New Dawn in the Age of War” - is a sort of amalgam of Thrash, Death and Hardcore but tonight it’s only Thrash Metal that lashes at my ears.

I’m immediately impressed by what I hear and see - Divine Chaos’ performance was tight and exciting and the band seemed to grab the crowd with confidence much like the talons of an eagle grabs its prey and frenzily shakes the life out of it. Vocalist Benny F. was manically hyperactive on stage, drummer James Stewart was quick and precise and I found myself drawn to the versatility of guitarist Matt Gilmour. Divine Chaos’ music had both melody and aggression...lots of the latter in fact.....and, I must say, it was all quite enjoyable. Obviously the set centred on the band’s album but, with some slight adaptations, the material felt quite good in a live setting.

All in all Divine Chaos gave a performance that should fuel the band’s potential in earning wider respect.

Last Confession
Death Toll Rising
The Myth Of Human Progress
Shadow Of God
Ignorance Everlasting
Rivers Of Blood
Fields Of The Fallen 

Rating: 85/100

Sodom (www.sodomized.info)

Like a rabid bloodthirsty mob, the crowd chanted the names of Sodom and band mainman Tom Angelripper until the trio stepped on stage at which point the said audience went berserk....and pretty much remained so until the gig ended. The German trio played a lot of recent(ish) material but it was the classic repertoire that, as one might have predicted, got the strongest crowd response. I’m talking about numbers such as ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘Christ Passion’. Set closer ‘Ausgebombt’, from the “Agent Orange” album of 1989, was particularly amazing and rekindled fond memories of what I consider to be golden age of German Thrash.

Tom Angelripper engaged in some humorous banter with the audience before proceeding to acknowledge the influence of Motörhead. He seemed genuinely chuffed at the supportive vibes the crowd was heaping upon the band. In fact, so unrelentless was the crowd with all its moshpits that I realised that having pit+barriers in front of the stage might not have been that overcautious after all.

It’s not that I ever doubted Sodom’s Metal credentials but, with their particular brand of abrasive, powerful and very tight-sounding Thrash, tonight the band still managed to leave me in awe. And although the set seemed to have been shortened slightly due to a strict curfew, I still went home pleased that one of my favourite Thrash Metal bands did not let me down.

Final Bullet
Sacred Warpaths
Outbreak Of Evil
Bird/The Saw Is The Law
Christ Passion
Sodomy And Lust
An Eye For An Eye
Napalm In The Morning
Tired And Red
City Of God
Into The Skies Of War
Burst Command
The Art Of Killing Poetry
Proselytism Real
Agent Orange
Fuck The Police
I Am The War
Remember The Fallen

Rating: 94/100

Attending: Chris

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