Power of Metal.dk Review

In the Head of a Maniac
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 02 February 2015
Playing time: 53:45

AudioPlastik is a prog metal supergroup that consists of vocalist Dec Burke from Darwin’s Radio and Frost*, Simon Andersson of Darkwater and formerly of Pain of Salvation and Threshold keyboardist Richard West. The band went through a few members before these three came together. Simon and Dec wrote everything with Richard adding his touches toward the end. The result is the album “In The Head of a Maniac” which is a perfect slab of powerful, melodic progressive metal.

While not as heavy as Threshold, for example, the band understands the importance of melody and the strength of a good song. The songs are all quite memorable with Dec’s voice cutting through the thick guitars laid down by Simon. The lead single “Now” was an excellent example of the level of musicality that this album possesses. This is an album where the minute you look at a song title, whether it’s “Over Now” or “It Matters So Much” or “Leave Me Here” for example, you immediately start singing the song in your head!

This isn’t prog metal where you get a ton of notes or have 20 minute epics. Rather, this is about songs that while catchy have complex riffs and rhythms plus keyboards that add texture to the songs. For an example of those textures, check out the middle of "Bulletproof." Even though the closing track “Distant Skies” is just over five minutes, the song carries such weight with its epic sound, it feels like it COULD be a 10 minute song. The difference is that it doesn’t NEED to be.

And that’s the important factor with “In The Head of a Maniac,” there are no wasted notes and no unnecessary fat hanging off these songs. The songs are punchy and tight, lead and mean. This is an album that fans of prog rock, prog metal and modern metal will find quite enjoyable.

For more on the making of "In the Head of a Maniac" and the band's desire to start on a follow-up immediately, listen to my conversation with Dec and Simon right here.

01. Leave The World Behind
Over Now
World of Wonder
The Sound of Isolation
It Matters So Much
Leave Me Here
12. John Doe
13. Distant Skies
Label: Bad Elephant Music
Distribution: Bad Elephant Music
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 4 February 2015
Website: www.audioplastik.com