Power of Metal.dk Review

The Mechanisms of Consequence
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal
Release date: 26 September, 2014
Playing time: 52:00

This is probably the most exciting debut I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Got your attention? Good, because from here on it only gets better...

While listening to this “The Mechanisms of Consequence” (TMC) you get the impression that Synaptik have a universal passport that takes them from one musical territory to another without border control even batting an eyelid. At its core the music is an enjoyable Thrash Metal but there are also several hints of Death Metal, particularly with the style of drumming. Power Metal can be invoked in some melodies and if you listen carefully you might hear some riffs with the dark ambience of Black Metal. And of course, when you consider these genre affiliations as well as the numerous tempo breaks and mood swings, the Progressive genre is automatically added to the picture. Despite its multi-facetedness the album feels very homogenous.

Any album having more ideas than skills would fall down faster than a dodo jumping off a skyscraper. This brings me to another selling point of TMC: the technical level of all Synaptik’s musicians is impressive (the unbridled fury of ‘Vacancy of Mind’ is a good illustration of this). The guitar solos seem to have a neo-classical edge to them, which I really liked, and the bass lines of Kev Jackson are powerful without harming the compositional integrity of the songs.

The vocals might be the hardest to accept at first listen, primarily due to the heavy musical context within which they lie. John Knight, Synaptik’s lead vocalist, sings like a young Geoff Tate capable of going from subtlety to cathartic aggression at the drop of a hat. Give his singing time to grow on you and you’ll be rewarded.

What more can I say about this album? Great vocal harmonies, a tightness to die for and originality aplenty, that’s what. Though I tried, I failed to identify the band’s Achilles heel.

If Synaptik play their cards right, (Metal) world domination could be within their grasp.

01. Truths That Wake
02. A Man Dies
03. Intro / I Am the Ghost
04. Your Cold Dead Trace
05. Irresistible Shade
06. Vacancy of Mind
07. As I Am, as I Was
08. Utopia in Our Eyes
09. Intro / All Lies
10. Allies
11. Your Cold Dead Trace
(Bonus track – feat. Alan Tecchio of Watchtower, Seven Witches.....)
Label: Rebel Tune Records
Distribution: Rebel Tune Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 28 September, 2014
Website: www.synaptikmetal.com