Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Location: Fængslet, Horsens, Denmark
2 August, 2014

 Volbeat, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Paradise Lost and Pretty Maids


On a hot and sunny Saturday evening Denmark's premier metal band had decided to pay a visit to the old prison in Horsens, to play an energetic show in front of 20,000 entuastatic rock fans.

Funny enough this was the first time I've seen them live on stage, and it surely won't be the last! They blew me away with a very tight performance, the well-oiled machine fired on all cylinders from the first power chords 'till the last firework had exploded on and off the stage.

The band that once played a little local club here in town for 20 or so people has grown into an international heavy weight champion, but Michael Poulsen and his sparring partners: Jon Larsen on drums, Anders Kjølholm on bass guitar and new guitarist Rob Caggiano remain grounded and lives for these special moments like this evening in Horsens.

And the audience loved it, no matter if it was "Sad Man's Tongue", "The Garden Tale" or "Ring of Fire" - yes, Michael had to show his love and appreciation for Johnny Cash on an evening like this, everyone was screaming and shouting, pounding their fists in the air and simply enjoying the company of a few good friends.

And the guests came and went all nite long: Jacob Øelund, Pernille Rosendahl, Nick Holmes, Jacob Haugaard, Michael Denner and Scott Jensen all dropped by to add even more excitement to the already brilliant show. I am sure all fans went home with a big smile on their faces, because Volbeat put on the best show I've witnessed for quite some time. They rocked the town to the ground...

And how cool was it when they invited a bunch of young kids onto the stage during the encores...???



Intro (Doc Holiday)

Dead but Rising
Boa [JDM]
Radio Girl
Lola Montez
Maybellene i Hofteholder
Sad Man's Tongue
(Ring of Fire)
Heaven Nor Hell/A Warrior's Call/I Only Wanna Be With You
16 Dollars (with Jacob Øelund)
Hallelujah Goat
The Lonesome Rider (with Jacob Øelund & Pernille Rosendahl)
A Broken Man and the Dawn/Mary Ann's Place/Rebel Monster/Making Believe (Mary Ann's Place with Pernille Rosendahl)
The Hangman's Body Count
7 Shots (with Michael Denner & Nick Holmes)
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
The Nameless One
The Garden Tale (with Jacob Haugaard)
Cape of Our Hero
Still Counting

Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
Evelyn (with Scott Jensen)
The Mirror and the Ripper

And they did also throw in a snippet of a new song...

Ohh yeah - before the main event, three bands warmed the crowd up, but even hometown heroes Pretty Maids never really ignited. Paradise Lost played a solid show, nobody just seemed to care. And K, D & L were just misplaced at a rock concert...

Attending: Kenn