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Southern Discomfort Festival 2013
Kristiansand, Norway

: Kick Scene and Pir666
: 13th and 14th of September, 2013

For the first time in eleven years, one can be happy to see that SD has become a matter for more than the locals. On the 11 o'clock train to Kristiansand this Friday morning, there are several black t-shirts with bands logos to spot, and some others are carrying cymbals, guitars and diverse music equipment. 



Horizon Ablaze

Opening this year Southern Discomfort, and playing their first larger show at the festival, Horizon Ablaze is delivering the goods as I'm entering the venue. The attendance, if still, as custom is at this early hour, is acceptable in number.
The young melodic hardcore band from the Kristiansand area shows this will not be the last time we hear of them.
Current release: Spawn (2011)

Carpathian Forest
From behind the red curtain rings a gathering call. The crowd moves forward as one. Many have taken the detour to Kick in order to attend the show with infamous CF.
Memories from Hellfest this year soar up in my foggy mind, of a greasy, boozy night back in Clisson.
Tonight, the nihilistic CF hit the stage with accelerated versions of many of their best titles.
Towards the end of the show, some greasiness is lost on the way. The volume has been turned up, the sound's fuller, at last, if still much flatter and sharper that at Hellfest, especially the drums. One must note that the acoustics of Kick aren't really adapted to the conditions of attendance in Southern Norway, more for disco evenings. Well, well, the bombastic quintet seems at the top of their shape; though I can't see their make up dripping with sweat, CF do a very-well appreciated show tonight.

This is Bergen crafted black-metal at its best. The conjoint forces of the whole ensemble and deep penetrating riffs convey of an intense atmosphere that many Western Black Metal bands excel at.
There's something very apparented to a theatrical performance in the timing, sustain, intensity of the show. A spell of repulsion and attraction floats between Gaahl and the audience, in a state of communion where there's an individual contact with each and every person in the audience at some moment, but at the same time a void/wall when he gazes at the audience as an entity.
Eenergy rises, well aided by Mental Disaster and friends, spread along the front row.
Audience keeps battling to get Gaahl's stare, and evil eye.
Current release: I begin (2012)

Pir 666

Among Gods

and http://www.facebook.com/voluspaa



Mandal cowboys dEafMaZjiN have now existed for ten years. Today's show's the second at Southern Discomfort, a gig in which the groovy trio, called on short notice to replace another band, has the intense presence of a larger band playing for four times as many people in the pit. Well done.
dEaMaZjiN on Facebook

At last Southern Discomfort invited Bömbers, a trio that cover Motörhead as only real fans and musicians can, never forgetting who they are, joking along, with the audience, with each other, and sounding like a heavier version of Motörhead with Lemmy-like vocals.
Immortal's Abbath and The Batallion's (and Old Funeral's) Tore take Southern Discomfort with storm: «Kristiansand, sorry to wake you all!» shouts Abbath. «Kick [the venue, red.], then we have to kick some ass, or something like that», continues Tore. The following Norwegian humor that will run through the show is both internal or hilarious but impossible to be translated, but let me tell you Bömber's show is unforgettable.
One of the show's highlights: Orgasmatron, seldom played by Motörhead themselves, epic moment with the mask of death onstage (a sponsor of the SD called onstage by Abbath). Entertainment at high level!

Google and find more about them!

Since they were last booked by Southern Discomfort, Dunderbeist has managed to tour Europe with Devin Townsend and Fear Factory. From anonymous, they became unmissable today. Headliner of the day, Dunderbeist puts up an elaborate show. The six badger-made up musicians come forth to an intro that might become their trademark. Self-confident, engaging, the prolific band pour down their gloomy tunes over the stoned pit. Above expectations.
Check out their six eclectic releases.

Current release: Songs of the buried


Beholder (UK)

To Cast A Shadow

Attending: LyM






All pictures are taken by (c) Alf Solbakken.
More pics available on Southern Discomfort metal festival 2013 on Facebook.