Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Location: The Garage, London
12 June, 2014



Not to be confused with ‘Screamer’, as some have in the past.

A lot has changed in a very short space of time for this band. They have in the last 2 months had to acquire a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. Very quick succession, one after the other and with a lot of gigs on the Skreamer horizon, there probably wasn’t a more difficult time this could have happened.

The determination of Sam Morter and Serg Ronchetti to keep going and find replacement musicians is outstanding. To say nothing of the fact that the new guitarist came all the way from Wales to audition – that’s a hell of a commitment. Also, there were something close to 100 requests for auditions.

I haven’t been to the Garage for almost 2 years and it is stupidly hot inside. Today is about the homeless. The night has been organised as a charity event for helping homeless people in need. ‘Metal For The Homeless’ – exemplified once again is the sense of belonging that is unique among metal fans (and that doesn’t include these elitist pricks - you’re not fans, you’re assholes) everyone is here to have a good time in support of a good cause. Someone even bought a shirt signed by all the bands for 50 only to give it to Skreamer as a momento. That’s awesome. As is some guy with a mosh pit cam strapped to his chest.

In the 8 months since I last saw them (which was also the first time) this band have trebled their audience and secured endorsement from Ibanez. With further appearances at Alt Fest and a headline slot at Beermaggedon alongside Onslaught it seems like the long hours rehearsing are paying their dividends.

New additions Huey and ‘Grizz’? (I can’t remember if I got that last one right, sorry) on drums and guitar respectively, fit in as though they’d been there from the start. I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

‘Photograph’ has recently been featured on a cd in Metal Hammer a couple of months back. Watching it live and seeing everyone clapping in rhythm was that much more rewarding this time – cos as fun as the Intrepid fox gig was – here they have the room on the stage to move around and crucially they can fit in the larger audience that they now command.

‘Victim’, a dedication to Sophie Lancaster as most Skreamer fans are aware, is the song that has always struck a particular chord with me – in no small part tonight because there was recently news that one of her attackers has had a jail sentence reduced. This song is given to us a second time at the end of the set. This is because, as you would expect, due to the sudden departure of half the group they have not had time to do exactly what they wanted. It says something of the bands admiration for their supporters and fans when the guys actually feel the need to apologise to us for this.

‘Flesh And Blood’ is a fan favourite and has everyone joining in the chorus – the significance of 888 escapes me and it something I forgot to ask people, but there is a lot of Skreamer merch with this on.

Things are getting bigger and better for this band even in the face of some hard hitting blows that can and have knocked many others down and out for good. Bouncing off the ropes and hitting back harder than before has reinforced the foundations of this fantastic metal band. Take a leaf, aspiring bands. Or better yet the whole fucking tree! Perseverance pays.

No chance for me to see them at Beermageddon, Alt Fest or indeed anywhere else until October. But you should! Go to www.facebook.com/skreamerofficial

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Attending: Matt Fabi