Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Iced Earth, Warbringer, Elm Street
Sofia, Bulgaria

: Mixtape 5
: 2nd February, 2014

Two years after their first show here ICED EARTH will demonstrate again their achievements. The tickets for the concert are completely sold out and the fans that came hopeful to buy a ticket at the place are disappointed. Mr. Schaffer declared before the show that the support bands are chosen by him. Many people are interested in ELM STREET and WARBRINGER so the expectations are for a strong metal party.

The beginning of the concert was announced for 8 pm. The Australian ELM STREET came out on the stage at 7.30 pm and a part of the crowd missed them because the fans were still at the doors. This was not an obstacle for the boys to present their energetic music in the right way. Inspired by the classic names in the heavy metal they emphasize on the riffs. This combines their melodies with thrash metal sound that obviously conquer the audience. The crowd liked the 30 minutes long setlist of ELM STREET. The band showed that its new contract with Massacre Records has stimulated it in creative direction. Besides their hits from the debut „Barbed Wire Metal“ (2011), we had the opportunity to listen to three new songs. The atmosphere at the club was already electrified!

01. Heartrаcer
02. Barbed Wirе Metal
03. Merciless Soldier
04. Heavy Mental
05. Elm St`s Children
06. Face the Reaper


Despite the titanic headliner I personally know a dozen of metalheads that was here especially for WARBRINGER. Although being a young band they already have four full-length albums in their discography! 10 minutes after 8 pm the Californian thrashers blew the stage. Their precise and strong riffs were louder than the expressive energy and the band’s live performance turned into a powerful benefit. The mosh-pitt in front of the stage is a reflection of the energetic movement on the stage. The crowd was shouting „Living Weapon“ and as a reward receives the track with this title. The wet hairs of John Kevill speak enough for the expression of WARBRINGER.

“I want to see a mosh-pitt in a Bulgarian style!”, as if someone screams from the T-Shirt of John... It is getting really hot! We escort the band applauding its name, and the boys leave the stage with a smile on their faces.

01. Scars Remаin
02. Iron City
03. Severed Reality
04. Living Weapon
05. Demonic Ecstаsy
06. Total War
07. Living In A Whirlwind
08. Tower Of The Sеrpent


The stage is being prepared for ICED EARTH. This allows us to visit the place determined for the rich merchandise and to have a drink.

The boys from the support bands are already amongst the crowd, when in 9.30 pm the lights go down.

An introduction leads us to the newest of the creative works of ICED EARTH. Their strong new album “Plagues of Babylon” predisposes great expectations for its performance. Returning to the oldest songs of the band Stu Block is not so convincing as we expected. But the powerful presence of the whole band involves us in a magic adventure. With no complex orchestrations and audio wastefulness as it was in other their performances ICED EARTH succeed to present their wealthy music in an unique way. I have a special interest in their sound engineering and illuminating crew because of my expectations – these gentlemen in disguise with long hairs waving in a traitorous manner are not bored at all behind the technique… The setlist of ICED EARTH speaks enough but I feel a little bit loss in comparison to their previous concerts.  

Around 10.40 pm we need to burst out in a powerful screaming „Iced Earth! Iced Earth!”. The fulfilling of our desire comes immediately. Jon Schaffer, seemingly with no reason promises to us a better concert the next time!?! It seems that the minus temperatures at the region lasting from a week ago reflected over the whole crew. The cult „Watching Over Me“ and the emblematic „Iced Earth“ are a high level for the current  condition of  Stu. Despite this we are going wild as it is the last time we can do it. The band makes a bow and sunk into the dense fume of the wild smoke machines… A bit after 11 pm from the sound desk drift away the studio classic songs of ICED EARTH…

01. Plagues of Babylon
02. Dеmocide
03. Dark Saga
04. V
05. If I Сould See You
06. Disciples of the Liе
07. Among the Living Dead
08. Burning Times
09. Blessed Are You
10. Vengeance is Mine
11. Cthulhu
12. My Own Savior
13. A Question of Heaven

14. Dystopiа
15. Watching Over Me
16. Iced Earth


Live Report by Rock Thrashler