Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Location: Bluebox, Grimstad, Norway
17 October, 2014


My last visit at the Bluebox was for an awesome show of thrash veterans Overkill, a kind of tribute to Jeff Hanneman who had passed away the day before. Almost everyone had a Slayer t-shirt and the band played 'South of Heaven'.

Bluebox is not full tonight, but full of loyal fans. Some of them come from Oslo and are ready to drive home after this show to enjoy the upcoming one tomorrow at Rockefeller, a place I know very well.

The sound is simply great. Fish reaches maybe not anymore the highest notes but his voice is still a real delight, full of life and soul.

Half of the songs comes from 'A Feast of Consequences'. This excellent album from last year is worth fighting for, and works even better live. The experienced musicians who recorded 'A Feast of Consequences' with Fish, Steve Vantsis (bass), Robin Boult (guitars) and Gavin Griffiths (drums), are here tonight, except for the keyboards where John Beck replaces Foss Paterson (and Mike Varty... See the official website for the whole story).

Fish has charisma, it is not a surprise. He jokes with the audience between the songs ('Scotland: the only country in the world which doesn't want to be independent'). He can touch it too, with his unique voice of course, but also with this poignant introduction of the song 'High Wood', telling about his grandfathers who fought and survived the First World War and the hell on Earth they lived in la Somme.

This tragedy started a century ago. My grandfather's oldest brother was spy for France, as he could speak German without foreign accent, learned from his mother whose parents were from Baden and Alsace. He died aged 21 in October 1918, one month before the war's end. I have the 'kill in action' letter my great-grandmother received from the French authorities...

Fish time with Marillion is not forgotten with 'Slàinte Mhath' [SLANtchih va] from 'Clutching at Straws' (1987), 'Heart of Lothian' from 'Misplaced Childhood' (1985) and 'Incubus' from 'Fugazi' (1984): 'I the mote in your eye! Eye! Eye! Eye!'.

To cut it short, Derek William Dick and friends have played an easygoing but so intense gig.

After the show, I am heading to the merchandising where Fish charming daughter Tara welcomes the t-shirts' collectors. I cannot resist buying the special edition of 'A Feast of Consequences', a splendid box with a book, the CD and a 'making of' DVD.

After Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Al Di Meola then Steve Hackett, it is my fourth concert with my friend Albert and I would like to thank him, and I say 'takk' to Jan Helge for the pictures.

01. Perfume River
02. A Feast of Consequences
Arc of the Curve

High Wood

Crucifix Corner
The Gathering
Thistle Alley
The Leaving

Slàinte Mhath

Big Wedge
Heart of Lothian
Blind to the Beautiful

The Company 

Website: fish-thecompany.com

Attending: Philippe Leconte