Power of Metal.dk Live Review

Location: Oslo, Norway (Vulkan Arena)
18 October 2014
 Cannibal Corpse (US) supported by Revocation (US) & Aeon (SE)

 It is not often that I am in Oslo by chance, but I'd call it good luck when I get invited to a show in town I actually can attend.
The bill is not intimately known to me, but at least it has been proved that the main act of the evening are a live band of choice.
The gig is set at the relatively new Vulkan Arena (hosting ca. 600), a bit outside of town, situated close by the autochtone district, counting several streets full of bars serving beer, if not metal. For that, you'd have to head to the touristic center. Tonight, metal largely makes up for bad beer.

Aeon (Östersund, SE)
When we enter the venue, Aeon have been playing for a little while; the remaining of their set still shows the heaviness (and loudness) in the band's sound. Aeon act like they are born onstage, although a representative part of their rhythmic section seems to be vacationing at times. Yes, I get oversensitive for details when I'm bored. I hear Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and after listening through Aeon's discography, I still haven't figured out who Aeon are when I've gone empty for comparison material.

Aeon website: www.aeon666.com
Aeon's last album: Aeons black (2012)
Aeon's label: Metal Blade Records

Revocation (US)
Little Oslo has so many metal shows to offer that you'll have to make choices after a while. Thus my friend had chosen to drop Cannibal Corpse tonight. But if he were to go, it would have been for Revocation. I could say the same. Revocation has definitely become a new name on the playlist. A fresh show, with slightly punk-influenced riffs, an ounce of 90's sound, a coherent mix of the band's influences that calls for originality marks. The more I listen to Revocation, the more I dig it.

Revocation website: www.revocation.bandcamp.com
Revocation's last album: Deathless (2014)
Revocation's label: Metal Blade Records

Cannibal Corpse (US)
Tonight's main act doesn't call for the same surprises as their fellow Revocation. One good reason is that I've seen Cannibal Corpse several times. The band's own "Corpsegrinder" cultivates his standard jokes and ways of approaching the audience (are they reharsed?), but Cannibal Corpse are a band who come as they are, play the hell out of the the audience's ears and are not onstage for making a visual show, although they can't help it: skills jerk out of the musicians fingers and headbanging hair strands.
Tonight's set is long of hits, although some awaited titles are missing. To me, the show is good in average, a bit monotonous after a while, with a winning middle section that shows Cannibal Corpse's ability to dissect their expression into finely sliced nuances.

Cannibal Corpse website: www.cannibalcorpse.net
Cannibal Corpse's last album: A skeletal Domain (2014)
Cannibal Corpse's label: Metal Blade Records

Pictures of the evening:

Attending: LyM