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Location: Betong, Oslo, Norway
2 November, 2013

 Coroner, Nocturnal Breed, Slough Feg, Dragged Into Sunlight, Svartidauti


South of Heaven Festival, at Betong in Oslo

I am coming as planned at 7 p.m. at Betong, near Majorstua, meeting Sigurd Thune, backbone of South of Heaven Oslo Festival. I really have to say that Sigurd and all the people I meet who are working on this event are dedicated to the metal cause and really nice: the positive attitude. 

In brief with Sigurd Thune:

Philippe: South of Heaven celebrates its 10 years jubilee. Can you introduce the festival to encourage metal freaks who do not know it to come next year...

Sigurd: If there is a festival next year, we will see. Det Norske Studentersamfund (The Norwegian Student Society) has arranged many metal concerts during 10 years under the label South of Heaven in Oslo, and we wanted to do something special for this jubilee, a real festival, and booked bands we wanted for ourselves to see and which have not played a lot in Norway: Coroner will have tonight its first gig in Norway;  Svartidauği for the first time in Oslo; Dragged into Sunlight, first time in Norway; Slough Feg, second time in Norway. We have also arranged the Norwegian Iron Maiden quizz championship. We have vinyls and CDs stands and Djs.

Philippe: What is your role here.

Sigurd: I actually started South of Heaven ten years ago. I arrange, book, organize, but only for this jubilee festival.

Philippe: How was it possible to get Coroner for the first time in Norway?

Sigurd: By paying (laughs). We could have booked a bit cheaper band. But as I said we wanted to have something exclusive, and to get Coroner here for the first time is very special. I was two years old when Coroner started...

Philippe: Did you discover Coroner with the band's reunion or did you know them before?

Sigurd: I knew them before, through their records. Therefore I wanted them rather than any new band. We are really happy they are here. That will be fun.


Sigurd and friends have also done a wonderful job by booking bands with very different styles on the same bill. The metal fans Mitch and Russell from Tulsa, Oklahoma, knew what they did when they stopped in Oslo at the end of their European trip.  

Let us start this Saturday night fever with SLOUGH FEG (US) who delivers a sincere hard rock, sweating happiness, with guitar harmonies that could suit Thin Lizzy fans.  

We are now moving to another concert room, smaller, and the atmosphere is also changing radically with DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT (UK) and its sludge-death-black-doom, extremely tortured and nihilist, where the standing members of the band show us their back, to be in communion with the drummer: why not. 

Do you like Destruction and their German way to thrash? Then the locals NOCTURNAL BREED are definitely here for you. No gimmick, just “let's have some fun” and that is what  my friend Kåre Gustav and I get. 

Then comes the black plague, SVARTIDAUĞI from Iceland, for sick and tormented black metal enthusiasts. Efficient. 

If you read the interview I did with Marky at Wacken last year, and some reviews I wrote when I referred to the band, who know how much CORONER means to me. I had a kid wish for this Norwegian show and I sent it by e-mail to my own private Santa Claus, my friend Marky Edelmann: to be on the side stage during the gig. He comes for a short soundcheck and immediately offers me to choose where I want to enjoy the show. I am sitting just next Tommy, one of my guitar gods, and not far from Marky and Ron: a waking dream! 

Marky had a bad cold the day before and the concert rehearsal was tough for him. Luckily, he has fully recovered and the die-hard fans in the audience get this unique drummer, who combines the rage of extreme metal and the jazz finesse. I have to admit I am generally much more interested in music than in lyrics, but Marky's are as simple as they are brilliant. 

Ron Broder seems to have a quiet, almost introverted personality, but Dr Jekyll becomes Mr Hyde on stage, a kind of evil Geddy Lee. I can serve you the good old cliché about the Swiss precision for his bass playing, but not only: Ron's bass sings. A second guitarist for rhythm would have been a heresy in Coroner! 

Tommy Vetterli is a guitar hero, in the noble sense of the term, showing the difference between a virtuoso and a shredder. Very few guitarists can vie with him for the inspiration, the musicality or the magic touch. 

These three soloists have joined their talent to create an inimitable trio, composing music out of time, therefore never dated. 

I got only 9 songs at Wacken last year, this evening 14. Is it enough for me? Of course not! But that's all right. The track listing is covering their whole discography. Even the Death Cult Demo (1986) is represented with “The Invincible”. There is no weak moment during the show because Coroner has no weak songs, it is that simple. A waking dream, I told you! 

01. Golden Cashmere Sleeper, Part 1
02. Internal Conflicts
03. Serpent Moves
04. Masked Jackal
05. Status: Still Thinking
06. Metamorphosis
07. Die by My Hand
08. Son of Lilith
09. Semtex Revolution
10. Gliding Above While Being Below
11. Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)
12. Grin (Nails Hurt)
13. The Invincible
14. Reborn Through Hate 

The show is now finished. It is almost 3 a.m. Marky and I decide to postpone the interview. He is inviting me for a beer in the artist room, together with Daniel Stoessel (Guest musician for keyboards and backing vocals), Ron, Tommy and last but definitely not the least, Coroner's crew:”We are the road crew!” (Motörhead). I am not an amateur metal journalist at this moment of the night, just a music fan with great musicians and cool people, a bit tired but so happy.

I will do very soon an interview with Marky on Skype, a kind of debriefing for the one we did at Wacken last year (www.powerofmetal.dk/interviews12/coroner_interview.html).

Stay connected. Be seeing you. Philippe.


Nocturnal Breed

Slough Feg

Dragged Into Sunlight

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