Location: Norje, Sweden
8 - 11 June, 2011
Sweden Rock Festival


This was the 4th time for me on visit Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, just ouside Sölvesborg and my expectations this year was quite high bescause it was the 20th time for the festival and we all hoped to get something extraordinary this yerar. I've been there 2006, 2008, 2009 and now 2011 and the festival has grown to Swedens largest music party all categories included. It's very well organized and everything works smooth and the range of eateries, shirt sales, beer trading purposes, toilets and so on, I can't complain about. But the prices has went up more that it's sensible, and that annoys me. The SRF got 5 stages, so sometimes you got to desselect a band cos another band you rather want to see plays at the same time. However it's for the bands and the rock music, I took my 1170 km one way trip here, so this is my report.

Date: 8 June, Day 1.

Arrived late on Wednesday evening to Norje and I was sorry to miss Buckcherry, who played earlier on that day. The other band I wanted to see that night was the blues/rock band from Toledo, Ohio Five Horse Johnson, but either it was a long day with a long journey for the attending or these guys on the stage had also a long day. I've rarely seen a band (exept the singer) who played so groovy and thight, but didn't look that they having fun at all on the stage. Personally I waited for only one song, Mississippi Man and that was worth waiting for. Damn so good the singer Eric Oblander alone made this to something fun in the end.
Rating 70/100

Necronaut was the band who played on the smalles of the stages this night and already on the first song I was on my way home. Terrible sound, with horrible vocals and in death metal tempo. My friend persuaded me to stay to the next song and with Nicke Andersson from the Hellacopters on vocals it raised to a acceptable level but still it's sound bad. Stayed another 2 songs, but the long journey forced me to went to bed.
Rating 50/100

Date 9 June, Day 2

Well rested and highly motivated did we arrived perfect to see one of my home towns new bands and they are from same village as the girls in Sahara Hotnight. Summoned Tide's members is young and they are not so experienced, but they know how to deliver a rockshow at the middle of the day. The influences is from melodic heavy metalbands and they have a front singer and a star to come in Rickard Thelin. Remember where you heard that first.
Rating 75/100

Dan Reed and his Network is one of my favourites from the past. This gig was one of the whole festivals biggest surprises. If you know the history of DR, it's just a miracle that he stands on a stage and can play the hits he had here in Sweden back in the 80s. I was overwhelmed by his amazing voice and his cover of Dio's Holy Diver I'll never forget. Hope to hear more from Dan Reed in the near future.
Rating 87/100

After a quick look at Joan Jett and The blackhearts I felt that I'm looking at wrong band at the moment, so a short trip to Zeppelin Stage again and the AOR giants from UK, FM entered the stage. What a bunch of pros we got to experience. Steve Overland and his gang own us for one hour and this is a comeback worth waiting for. Thank you band booking people for this magic show.
Rating 92/100

At Rock Stage 15-18,000 expectant fans of Accept waited for the German heavy metal kings to prove that Frank Tornillo is the man to shoulder the voice from Udo Dirkschneider. The songs from "The blood of nations" we all knew that he can handle, but the oldies? After 10 minutes of the show nobody in the crowd missed the little meatball. Frank hitted them all and I must say maybe even better. Accept had fun on the stage and it spread to us in the audience, so the intro to Fast as A Shark was a singalong that echoed over miles away.
Raiting 94/100

One of the festivals biggest disappointments was Queensryche. I left after just 30 min, had to prioritize my urination instead. Felt much more important at that moment. Don't even rate, 'cause to short precense at the gig.

But after some good india food and a cold beer my night was saved by The Cult and an Ian Ashbury in really good shape. This was one of my highlights of the whole festival. All the hits and all the great songs that didn't make the charts made this show memorable for a long time. They didn't leave anybody that experienced them in the 80s sad.
Raiting 95/100

Biff Buford's Saxon entered the stage 21,45 and they had made a special playlist for the night. All the songs from the album Denim and Leather was played and of course all the other hit songs. Biff is a giant on the stage, with authority and a firmly overbearing, he mastered the crowd to make his will come true. They also played some tracks from the new album Call Of Arms and the public was really on. Great fans of the band this night.
Rating 84/100

Was this the last time to see Judas Priest live or?? The Epitaph tour they called it and my expectations was high set. What a treasure chest of songs they have to pick from. The mixure of tunes from all the albums was played and all of us 33,000 in the crowed enjoyed it. Sad that KK Downing left the band shortly before this tour, but Judas is Judas with or witout KK. Magic night for all of us who discovered metal music through Rob and his friends.
Rating 84/100

Date 10 June, Day 3

This was a resting day for me and my mate. Not so many bands on the list , so when we arrived on the afternoon the Americans in Mr Big entered the big stage and whooho what a great show! The new album What If.. is one of this years best albums and how they started up this day for all of us who was there. Eric Martin and Billy Sheehan made one of the best shows in daylight I've ever seen.
Rating 99/100

Next groups that I wanted to see was Evergrey and Iced Earth, but they played at the same time, on different stages. Shit, shit, shit. I love to see and listen to Tom Englund in Evergrey becuse he always give 100 % on stage. So I had to be there to feel the energy again! Afterwards I felt like I'm been run over by a bus and I was happy like a kid on x-mas.
Rating 90/100

From one band from Gothenburg to an other. Mustasch! Our own Motorhead. Always on tour, always good on stage, always with the strong front man with extraordinary humor. Ralph and Lemmy got alot in common. But Mustasch was not at their best this night, not bad, but not a peak show. Seen them almost every summer for 6 years now so I know that they can do better.
Rating 75/100

Tired legs and empty stomach forced me to see Overkill and what a show we was offered. And it wasn't the band on stage that did the performace, it was a guy in the audience who made a airguitar show in masterclass and all the gesture in advance. I've never laught and in the same time been so impressed,  becuse he was drunk like an lush.
Rating Overkill: 65/100, airguitar man: 100/100

The finishers on the big stage this night was Whitesnake, and this was my 5th time in 6 years I've seen them live. David Coverdales voice ain't strong enought anymore, although the 2 latest albums from the white snake is really in my taste. Well studio is one thing, but in front of 30,000 people you can't hide behind the mixer table. Sad to say that this gig was the biggest disappointment on the whole festival. The great Doug Aldrich did his moves with his shirt unbuttoned as usual, but after 30 min into the show the solo marathon began. First 20 minutes guitarsolos and after that 8 minutes drumsolo. Fuck, we and many with us went to the cars and tents. When you got a chest full with great songs you doesn't have to fill the show with solos!! 
Ratng 50/100

Date 11 June, Day 4

Up early to make it to the Industrial rockers from Haparanda in Sweden. Raubtier! We misses the first songs, but love this wakeup gig at 11 in the morning. Hard and powerfull metal in Rammstein mode, but in Swedish. Never saw so much audience on the little stage at the whole week. Great job you vikings from the north!
Rating 90/100

My puppylove Lee Aaron entered the Rock stage at midday and we expected more of her and her band. She sings most Jazz nowadays and it was obvious that she left the crown as the Metal Queen. I stood besides a man in his 50s with a vinyl album with her at least in Sweden hit Metal Queen from 1984. Fun to have seen her, but that all.
Rating 45/100

Black Label Society collected all sort of bikers in the crowd this evening. Zakk Wylde was fun to see in action and they did a good show, but I waited for the one and only this night. BLS'.
Rating 75/100

We were many that wondered why they still travellering around with the emaciated Scott Gorham and his Thin Lizzy. It's fun to hear the great songs again for the 100th time, but come on. Specially when John Sykes left it all has went down. Stop now and try to make something new instead. If I was drunk as hell mabye I appreciated the gig more.
Rating 65/100

Missed Styx and Kansas because it was dinner time. By rumors it had been great shows. Typical that I chose the wrong time to eat.

The reason for the whole festival and this trip was Ozzy Osbourne. He shook us up real good by the start with his magic contact with the public. Just like an 20 year old speed ball he and his band run us over for 90 minutes. All the classics was delivered and now I understand why he is called the craziest star on the rock sky. Best gig ever if they had played the whole expected time they promised. Another 30-60 minutes shouldn't hurt. Wtf. I've seen the fucking prince of darkness!!!
Rating 96/100

Attending: Patrik Skoglund