Location: Forbrændingen, Albertslund, Denmark
23 September, 2011

 Seven Thorns, Zero Illusions, Pinchbeck


I arrived only to see the very last part of the set of Pinchbeck but it looked like they had a blast and there were already quite some people present. While waiting for Zero Illusions to enter the stage I managed to get hold on Seven Thorns main man, Lars. He told me about the bands resent tour with Circle II Circle, a great success and something he would really like to do again since the cooperation with the Americans had been super and the band had been very well received by the audiences during the tour. What was perhaps even more interesting was that Lars told me that a new album is forthcoming. Nothing has materialized in the studio yet but during the tour and before that the band has been working on new material. When asked what to expect Lars answered: The same kind as on the last album, just even better. Now here is something to look forward to.

Zero Illusions

I must admit that my knowledge of Zero Illusions was about zero so you could say I had no illusions either. (!) I was in for a positive surprise, since the band not only played very well but also with a nerve and strong stage presence that was really enjoyable. Zero Illusions played some very competent metal with strong progressive leaning and I will go and see them again if I get the chance.

Rating: 78/100

Seven Thorns

The main event of the evening was of course Seven Thorns playing their only concert on Danish soil in 2011. At the time Seven Thorns entered the stage the venue was nearly filled with people. After two warm up concerts the audience were ready to rock! It has been quite some time since I last had the pleasure of experiencing Seven Thorns in a live setting. A lot of stuff has happened since then, nearly the entire band has been replaced and new and better material has been added to the set. After the much acclaimed tour with Circle II Circle my expectations was quite high, this should be a band in their prime concert wise. I was of course not disappointed. The band was playing very well of course but what really made the evening was the sheer joy of playing in front of a receptive audience that was radiating from the members of the band, not least from the charismatic front man Erik “EZ” Blomkvist. Calling the audience “receptive” is perhaps an understatement describing them because after the first few tracks the place was boiling with happy people singing along to the familiar and catchy tunes that are so easy to sing along to. I really had a good time and hope that Seven Thorns will grace Denmark with more concerts in the coming year.

Rating: 89/100

Set list:

End of the Road
Bass “solo”, more of a “bass duo” really
Spread Your Wings
Fires and Storms
Guitar solo
Through the Mirror
Return to the Past
Mamma Mia (Abba cover)

Forest Majesty
Freedom Call

Attending: Steen Schøn