Pretty Maids
: Horsens Ny Teater, Horsens, Denmark
: 17th of December, 2010.


The Boys are Back in Town - and yes all indications pointed towards another glorious homecoming for Horsens' longest serving hard rock pioneers.

But they seemed a little off last night and they weren't on the same page all evening, but when you play in front of a crowd of family and friends, then nothing can really go wrong, can it?

No, the audience swallowed every second of the show, and the energy was electrifying, so all in all I do think most people went home with a huge grin on their faces. But if you look closer, then I must say this was a show way below par for a fine group of musicians and below their normal level.

Maybe next year guys - because even though this year was a let-down, then I am sure I will be there again next year. Because as someone said after the show: "It is not Christmas before you've seen Pretty Maids playing at HNT!".

Wake Up To the Real World
Final Day pf Innocence
Walk Away
Savage Heart
It Comes at Night
Queen of Dreams
Cielo Drive
Back to Back
Please Don't Leave Me
Love Games

Future World
Little Drops of Heaven
Red, Hot and Heavy / A Merry Jingle

Rating: 65/100

Attending: Kenn Jensen & Jorgen Ditlev