Porcupine Tree
: Train, Aarhus, Denmark
: 4th of October, 2010.


My (Kenn) first close encounter with Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree turned out to be one of mixed emotions.
Last night they played Aarhus for the very first time, and they wanted to introduce the audience to their entire back catalogue, which in this case is a big job to carry out.

So we got a bit of everything; for better and for worse. Some liked the first set, which has focus on the more harder and heavier side of the band, and others - like me - preferred the second set, which has focus on the semi-acoustic songs that I think is their strength. But when they did turn to those semi-acoustic songs I felt entertained and felt that the band played to their own strengths. Diversity was off course a key word throughout the set, and we got to hear bits and pieces from each period of the band soundwise.

I think they tried too much to introduce us to their entire sound catalogue, and I simply couldn't find the thin red line in the show. The harder and heavier songs fell short compared to the others...

But it wasn't all bad; "Lazarus" was impressive, "Anesthetize (Part 2)" was very nice; "Occam's Razor" was simply brilliant, the mighty "Time Flies" was monumental, "Blackest Eyes" was monstrous and when they played "Trains" at Train nothing stood between them and a very enthusiastic and energetic crowd.

The band seemed to enjoy themselves and the crowd loved every second; the performance was by no means perfect, but it was still a professional performance by a tight band; Gavin Harrison is a monster behind the drums. But I left Train with a somewhat ambivalent feeling of unfulfilled dreams and hopes...


First set:
01. Even Less
02. Open Car
03. Lazarus
04. The Sound of Muzak
05. Russia on Ice
06. Anesthetize (Part 2)
07. I Drive the Hearse
08. Bonnie the Cat

Second set:
09. Occam's Razor
10. The Blind House
11. Great Expectations
12. Kneel and Disconnect
13. Drawing the Line
14. Stars Die
15. Dislocated Day
16. Time Flies
17. Sleep Together

18. Blackest Eyes
19. Trains

Rating: 70/100

Attending: Kenn Jensen & Claus Melsen