Zalen Romein Leeuwarden
Date: February 28th 2009

Opener this night is a Belgium metal core combo with the name Resistance. Unfortunately the hall was not very crowded when the band started their gig. For the band this didn't make any difference, because they played as if it was a full-house. You can see and hear that the musicians already have some experience and they do a good job. Musically it is not my kind of thing, but they leave behind a positive impression. Don't ask me what songs they played, because I don't know any of their music.

Rating: 65

Frisian (from Leeuwarden) band Disintegrate got the honor to play second. Meanwhile it has gotten very crowded. Not because of Disintegrate, but no one wants to be late for the main event. The concert was sold out already a few weeks ago, so Sepultura must still be very popular. Back to Disintegrate. They play a kind of melodic thrash with keyboards, aggressive grunting and screaming vocals. The band has been chosen by Sepultura's management to open. They show that it was a good choice. The songs are aggressive, thrashy and are well arranged. Musically the band is doing o.k., although I must admit that the vocals sometimes get lost in the music. They could have been mixed in a little louder. Nevertheless, they got the audience going and that's what matters the most. Well done and keep going on.

Rating: 70

Somewhere around 22.00 I guess Sepultura enters the stage. After the intro they start with one of the new songs, if I'm not mistaken the song "Moloko Mesto". Immediately you hear that the sound is good tonight and the band plays very tight and heavy. Derrick screams his longs out and shows the same kind of aggressiveness as on the new album. You can see that the band enjoys their performance, especially because it is a full-house. The show continues with songs from most of their albums.

 Already after the first song there is a real moshing pit in front of the stage and although forbidden, also some crowdsurfing. Not that the songs on the new album are bad, but the audience really gets crazy when they play some older stuff. Songs such as "Troops of Doom", "Arise" and of course "Chaos A.D." have to be played, without those songs a Sepultura gig will not be complete. When the lights go down the audience of course wants more and the band returns for a few extra songs. The crowd still goes crazy and can't get enough. But after the song "Roots" also this event comes to an end. Satisfied, but of course still hungry for more (It's in our nature we always want more) the crowd disappears into the night. It kept restless for a long  time.

Rating: 85

Attending: Reinier de Vries