Kick Café, Kristiansand, Norway
Date: March 17th 2009


Opeth takes us on a nearly two-hour adventure through their best songs since their debut in the mid-nineties.
The audience packing the pit at Kick Café five minutes before scheduled time shows this is a big day in Norway's southernmost town. All in the milieu, from the roughest heavyblooded to the tear-shading kittie, are gathered to celebrate Music.

Music we do get indeed. Opeth greet the crowd with a heavy and thick, lingering Heir Apparent; followed by an intense Ghost of Perdition, proof of Opeth's versatility in both technique and range of emotions, the tone for the evening is set. A crystal-clear sound and resonance, almost acoustic, is another keyword, and pays tribute to the band's musical finesses, granting our total involvement in the experience.

As expected, there is a moment of reflection at the middle of the show, which for once gives the band more room to rebound from the ballad interlude. I am for once mightily impressed by the band's live performance. From "live robots", as sometimes heard or thought, they've turned into a confident live act. It clearly suits the perfectionists to play with a big hangover (as we are told is the case), and I believe Opeth is at its best where they play as the main act, and indoors.

Thanks for a rich evening, Opeth. Definitely keep the line.

Rating: 92



1. Heir Apparent
2. Ghost of Perdition
3. Godhead's Lament
4. The leper Affinity
5. Credence
6. Hessian Peel
7. Closure
8. The Night and the silent Water
9. The Lotus Eater
10. Deliverance (encore)


Link: www.opeth.com


Attending: Laurence