Neckbreakersball Tour 2009
Leeuwarden - Romein

November 4th 2009


Neckbreakersball tour 2009 with Arsis, Scar Symmetry, Behemoth and Devildriver landed with their tour in Leeuwarden. Wednesday is a strange night to visit a concert, next day you have to go to work again early; but with myself as driver and because Devildriver ended the set a bit later than half past 12, I was not home late.

Arsis started playing way before all the metal fans were in the house. But the people who came early saw a decent set and the boys from Arsis gave a good performance. After a few songs they got a positive response from the audience. For the people that don't know any songs, the music sounds a bit to technical perhaps, but when you know the songs you could conclude that they performed well.


Arsis (rating: 70)

After Arsis the stage was already for Scar Symmetry. I was surprised that they were so early on the bill, but perhaps the other 2 to come are even more popular. At least the members of Scar Symmetry could sit at the bar early. Musically they gave in my opinion the best performance. I must be a little prejudiced too, because from all the bands that play tonight I like them most. But I also think that the combination of the clean vocals and the grunting and growling ones give the music something extra. Add the more melodic elements, the good sound and you get the best performance of the night. 

Scar Symmetry (rating: 85)

The audience was very happy with the performance of Behemoth. The blackened metal is very popular and they got the crowd going. Personally I like the band most when the music is a bit slower. When playing fast you get a wall of sound and that's a pitty. But looking at all the reactions the band came, saw and conquered. It was not my favourite band of the evening, but looking at the crowd there will be a lot with a different opinion. 

Behemoth (rating: 75)

Last but not least Devildriver took the stage. With a good set that could have lasted longer they showed that they deserved it to play last. The public was very enthousiastic and the crowded pit in front of the stage was there almost all the time. With a set of about 1 hour they left the public, but returned for one extra song. Then it was over and we got home earlier than expected. Next time a few more songs please. 

Devildriver (rating: 75)



Attending: Reinier de Vries