The Blue Box, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: December 3rd 2009


The Portuguese metal leaders Moonspell met for the first time Bulgarian audience in the Sofia’s fulfilled club - The Blue Box. They played a set including classics from Wolfheart and Irreligious, and also songs from their new albums. This concert experience with all these multimedia visualizations returned me in the pages of the heavy books about the principles of propaganda and the power of symbols.


The show began with an impressing intro followed by the opening song “At Tragic Heights” from the contemporary album of the band. The music embraced the crowd in the symbols coming straight into the mind from the background screen. The height of “Night Eternal” smashed the perception. As if the magnetic voice of Fernando Ribeiro transferred the audience to a mystical meeting revealing the secrets of The Masons. The magic of his talent and charm was coming from springs of unknown forces.


The audience fell into meditation. In “Finisterra” the vocals melt down the mystery with the two guitars in a dark tale which spread its black wings in the following song “The Southern Deathstyle” where the world exploded with the drums of Miguel Gaspar. We were all preparing for the Doom’s Day…


The screams of the crowd accompanied the beginning of the orthodox “Wolfeshade”. And for the first time here Pedro Paixao left the guitar to give an impact on the keyboards, which till this moment sounded as samples. Moonspell preformed the song with great power. The properly chosen multimedia furrowed the faces with bloody flashes of the demonical teeth.


“Opium” showed that the time for the vanguard part of the set-list has come. The vocals became clearer and went to some twisted-cynical spaces. From times to times the synthetic sounds overlapped the guitars. “Awake” and “Abysmo” were a pleasant surprises to the dark-wave oriented audience. Under the sounds of the famous “Scorpion Flower” all were involved into the beating heart of stone-carved magic. The solo of Ricardo Amorium was like a storm of poisonous arrows to the crowd. The voice of Ribeiro was balancing this incredible effect in excellent manner. The vocalist of Moonspell put the Bulgarian flag on the microphone’s set respectfully and united the lost souls in his magnetic vortex.


The rhythmical “Nocturna” and the light sounding “Luna” stopped the flow of sinful passions. Lights and smoke attacked the brains with different symbols and enchanting spells of the Moon. Another reality of music existence…


Springs of blood climbed down the walls of the club with the beginning of “Vampiria” where the keyboard’s sounds opened the hellish world of Count Dracula. Then Ribeiro requested the crowd to join in the invocation of “Mepfisto”. Demons fired the stage in flames and sulphur. The performance of the audience’s favorite song “Alma Mater” indeed opened the doors of Hell into the ocean of screams.


Then after a short break with the support from the sound desk the dark forces were invoked again in “Blood Tells”. These sounds in the good acoustics of the club completely tear the sleepy soul of the night. The scene turned into an oven to light the flames of the song “Everything Invaded”. “Full Moon Madness” ended the first visit of Moonspell in Bulgaria. And it became a night eternal!


01. At Tragic Heights
02. Night Eternal
03. Finisterra
04. The Southern Deathstyle
05. Wolfeshade
06. Opium
07. Awake
08. Abysmo
09. Scorpion Flower
10. Nocturna
11. Luna
12. Vampiria
13. Mephisto
14. Alma Mater

15. Blood Tells
16. Everything Invaded
17. Full Moon Madness























Attending: Maria D. S.