Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark
Date: April 28th 2009


Due to bad planning and a surprisingly long line of punters outside Voxhall, I completely miss Vira, the young Danish that opens the evening. Too bad, but shit happens.

Koldborn, by now a household name in Danish metal due to their high level of gigging around the country, now sports no less than two former members of HateSphere. Apart from Heinz (who surprises by appearing with short hair rather than his usual long, blonde mane), bassist Mikael has also joined the ranks along with original Koldborn drummer Rasmus.

Koldborn starts out with a slow and heavy piece - you sense just to set the mood and get some atmosphere in there. Singer Lars impresses with his powerful voice already at this stage, and that for me is the lasting impression of the gig. Moving into faster territory, the quintet stampedes on and generally impresses with a fairly short, but varied and convincing set. Approved!


Rating: 73/100

It looks like a sold out Voxhall on this Tuesday evening, and that in itself tells you something about the impression Gojira has made on people. And I’m certain that the impression lasts after this evening of powerful eco-metal.

The sympathetic, soft-spoken Joe Duplantier I met earlier today is hardly recognizable as he takes to the stage: the pony tail is gone, ready to bang, a focused stare and a brutal voice.


The next hour or so is a journey through Gojira’s universe, beginning with the imminent Oroborus from ‘The Way of All Flesh’. The tiny fear I had that Gojira’s music would be difficult to purport live is luckily put to shame. The balance between heaviness and aggression on one side and mellow, floating soundscapes on the other is struck with perfection and leaves me wanting more and more.

The four Frenchmen deliver an intense performance, especially bass player Jean-Michel is a dynamo on Joe Duplantier’s left flank. Mario Duplantier impresses hugely behind the kit. The shy-looking drummer is a true powerhouse as he hammers through killer tunes like Backbone, From the Sky and Flying Whales.

When Joe claims that the band doesn’t play that well tonight because the venue is too hot, I think most find it hard to believe. This is the best concert I have been to on a Tuesday, that’s for sure!

As Gojira announce their departure after the title track of their last album, the crowd won’t have it. And they do come back – but surprisingly only Mario, Joe and guitarist Christian return, and they finish the evening with a quiet instrumental piece and a ‘You are very nice. We like you a lot’ from Joe.

No matter how anti-climactic the end, this has been a special evening and a great musical experience. Gojira is one special band. Do try it if you get the opportunity!


Rating: 95/100 



Koldborn: Lars impresses with a brutal yet varied voice

Gojira - the masters of eco-metal

Jean-Michel - bass-dynamo

Christian - riff master

Joe - brutal, convincing...and very nice


Attending: Thomas