Train, Aarhus, Denmark
May 13th 2006


Once more Saga came, saw and conquered Denmark. The place where it all began is still the eye of the storm for Saga - the place where they know the fans still love them and greet them the same way they did 25 years ago...

Actually the fans are pretty much the same as they were 25 years ago, just 25 years older and wiser... So the crowd knew what they wanted, and they got what they wanted. Saga knew how to play the crowd to perfection and charismatic front man Michael Sadler had the crowd firmly in his grip from the opening notes of the opener: "Trust" to the very last few notes of set.

What they delivered on stage in between those 2 songs, was sheer enjoyment for Saga fans - playing all the old classic songs the crowd requested for along with no less than 5 songs off their brand new album "Trust" (one of them for the very first time ever), and everything worked. Maybe with the exception of "On the Other Side" as the first encore.

Saga has never been better, and the inclusion of new drummer Brian Doerner (ex-Helix) has given them a heavier and metallic sound, which I think fits them well. They are still tight as a ducks ass, and they are still clearly having a lot of fun on stage and their spirits are high.

I still get chicken bumps when I hear "Wind him up", "On the Loose", "You're not Alone" or "Scratchin' the Surface", but the 2 songs I and the crowd wanted to hear were off course: "Don't Be Late" (still one of the best rock songs ever written!) and "Humble Stance" - and the band delivered them to perfection.

I love Saga, and especially live because they bring such great energy and pleasure on stage - you have to have witnessed them live to know what I mean...

Good one guys, see you soon...

Rating: 90

Attending: Kenn