Saga & Mister Kite
Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark

November 6, 2004

First off many might be wondering, what a Saga live review is doing on a metal site? Well to be honest I have always had a soft spot for this great band from Canada, and I started listening to them even before I started to listen to metal, so there's the story behind it.
Secondly I have to mention the place they played: Musikhuset is a place normally used to theater and classical music, so we were seated very, very comfortably (YEAH seated!), and the acoustic was extremely good - best sound I've ever heard live! But sitting down to a rock concert is a very weird feeling and a whole new experience to me ...

Mister Kite

Out of the blue - sorry green, only light on stage during their set - came Mister Kite. No notice beforehand that there was a supporting act before Saga. I think they were a bit too metal sounding to much of the audience, and a lot of people left during their set. Including myself - saw the first 3 songs - decent, but nothing special, before we went out of the hall to get a beer ... NO drinks were allowed in the concert hall ... also a first one for me ...
My friend Michael stayed thru' the set and thought they were OK, but nothing more.



When Saga came on stage the atmosphere in the theater changed dramaticly and they had soon won over the crowd, eventhough they started off with 2 brand new songs from "Network". Once more Saga had to live with the fact, that eventhough they have written good songs, since their days of glory back in the beginning of the 1980's, it is still the old songs from that period, that goes down the best with the audience. Strange how big a difference there was between the crowd reaction on the new material and the old stuff ...

So playing 5 or 6 songs from their latest album "Network", 2 of them part of an acoustic set in the middle of the show, which also included a very cool version of "Scratching The Surface" with only Jim Gilmore and a keyboard. So the crowd went bananas during songs like: "Wind Him Up", "You're Not Alone" and "On The Loose" and were very reserved during newer songs! I love those old songs, but thought the new stuff worked very well as well.

Off course no Saga show without the 2 songs, that captures the essence of Saga: "Don't Be Late" and "Humble Stance" - and both are still, after 25 years, killer songs live! The band was as always tight and very professional and seemed to be having a blast in Aarhus, and I left the show on a high. Great show from a great band, that still delivers the goods ...


Attending: Kenn