Queensr˙che & Lord
Venue: The Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Date: July 15th 2006

Man O man.. I had been waiting over 15 years for these boys to make it to our shores. And man was the wait worth it. First off for our pure enjoyment was LORD (formally known as Dungeon). Just to set things straight for all you Dungeon fans out, don’t worry about a thing. The music of LORD is just as bad ass as Dungeon. Just a name change for some reason. Well LORD whipped the crowd up to a frenzy with old Dungeon songs and a few new tracks. They were awesome. The strong 2000+ crowd was buzzing. A good job done by a great band.

The time had come for one of my all time fav bands to hit the stage and WOW, Queensr˙che just blow me away. I was in heaven. They preformed most of Operation Mindcrime I and about six songs off Operation Mindcrime II. We got all the classics. Eyes of a Stranger, I Remember Now, I Don’t Believe in Love, Sweet Sister Mary, Revolution Calling…Geoff Tate was in outstanding form and the addition of Pamela Moore on stage gave that theatrical touch.  


All in all it was an awesome show I didn’t want to stop. Even Queesr˙che themselves didn’t want to leave. After the band completed their show and 1st encore nobody in building was going anywhere. The crowd cheered for more and Queensr˙che responded. Geoff came back out on stage and said, “Ok Sydney you waited 20 years for us now it’s our turn to listen to you” And the crowd went nuts. He was taking requests from the crowd and they played for another good half hour. We were treated to Dreaming in Infrared, Empire, Best I Can, Another Rainy Night and my all time fav song ever Silent Lucidity. I just hope I don’t have to wait another 15 years to see them again.

Rating: 95

Attending: Tye Brown