Mnemic & Usipian
Kulisselageret, Horsens, Denmark

October 29, 2004


Kulisselageret is a small venue with a maximum capacity of 150. And even though this is the hometown of Mnemic’s front shouter Michael Břgballe, the place is not even a quarter full when I arrive. The crowd situation improves, however, and when support act Usipian enter the stage, the place is approximately a little more than half full.

It soon becomes apparent that Usipian’s music doesn’t match the style of Mnemic, and it makes you wonder who put this gig together and if they’d listened to any of the bands before. This is a shame because the five musicians that make up Usipian clearly have something to offer.

Obviously inspired by Morbid Angel among others, the band has put together a set of eight songs that represent a great extent of variety plus interesting and at times curious ideas.

Apparently these lads have supported Vader in the past which makes a lot more sense than this evening’s gig. They’ll have an album out in the near future and I have a feeling that this could be well worth a listen if you like venomous but intelligently played death metal.



During the break, Mnemic drummer Brylle sits down next to where I stand, holding his right foot, obviously in pain. He explains that he just took a wrong step down the backstage flight of stairs and twisted his foot. Not a promising start.

Nevertheless, when Mnemic enter the tiny stage a couple of minutes before midnight, the band seems professionally relaxed and comfortable, ready to go, relying on a year and a half of extensive touring with big names and a strong second album in the suitcase.

From opening hammer “Deathbox” to the last notes of a crushing version of Fear Factory’s “Self Bias Resistor”, Mnemic display appropriate confidence in their own capabilities as a band, and they treat the small but enthusiastic crowd with delicacies such as “Ghost”, “Blood Stained” and “DB ‘XX’ D” from the debut album as well as, most notably, “Door 2.12” from “The Audio Injected Soul” – this song could easily turn into a sing-along favourite for metal crowds across Europe.

To me this evening showed Mnemic in a nutshell: screaming and sweating in front of any crowd, no matter the size, and keeping the professional front with big smiles and the horns constantly flying in the air – even with a twisted foot.

Very metal! Thumbs up!


Attending: Thomas