Metal Church & Victory
The Rock, Copenhagen
June 10th 2006


OK – I must admit that I hadn’t heard a single note by any of these two bands before the concert. Therefore I can only to provide you with a hands-on impression of the concert, and none of that “since their great album ….. from …..”, stuff that most reviewers like to try to impress you with.  

First of all, it was a fairly “quiet” (not literally, of course) night at The Rock. I don’t think that there were more than 100-150 guests. This can sometimes create a certain intimate atmosphere between the bands and the audience, but not really in this case. Instead I think I witnessed some of the very last breaths of two clearly dying bands.

Overall score: 56


Not much to say here. VERY plain oldschool hardrock/heavy metal. The band seemed mostly uninspired, looking like they’d much rather be somewhere else. Their lead vocalist Jioti Parcharidis was either ill or he just couldn’t be bothered to try to hit the right key.

They did, however, manage to play one decent song: “Temples of Gold”, which I actually thought was quite good.

Rating: 37

Metal Church

Although the general interest in MC isn’t as large as it used to, the band actually tried to get a party going. They also succeeded somewhat in doing so, due to their more than 20 years of experience on the metal scene. This was clearly a tight and well playing band, and I think that in general, those who came to relive moments from the early(er) days of metal got what they came for.

There were a few quirks, though:
During a large part of the concert, something sounded very bad, like a blown speaker. You could tell that this annoyed the band, and they had to take extra long breaks in between songs for the sound crew to fix it. It never helped for long, though, and the problem kept recurring after a few songs.  

The other thing was the timing of the concert itself. The concert was MC’s last gig on the “A Light in the Dark” – tour. The album itself will not be released until 19th of June. Now, what’s the point in going on a record promotion tour that ends before the record is released???

Rating: 65

Attending: Benny