Ill Nino
Voxhall, Ĺrhus, Denmark

25th of January, 2006

“Ill Nino”
Rating: Is it possible to rate playback??
Then 89/100 for a great show then!
“Latino Metal”

Guitar: Jardel Paisante
Percussion: Danny Couto
Lazaro Pina
Vocals:  Cristian Machado
Drums:  Dave Chavarri
Guitar: Ahrue Luster

Support: “The Burning”
The Burning”

“Metal with a punkrock attitude/ brutal hardcore”

Drums: Tobias
Vocals: Johnny
Bass: Thue
Guitar: Rasmus

The LA based Latino Metal sextet Ill Nino stretched out at Voxhall last night. Local Aarhus act The Burning was supporting.

The Burning jammed through some quite heavy pieces, but with the “support act-button” pressed on the mixer, I guess. The sound was awful - a lot of muddy midrange. But The Burning are surely inspired by some of my old favourites; Pantera. And that fact made me kind of like them. The front man, Johnny, was dancing like a monkey on crack inside a trailer park disco, making the whole scenario a little awkward…..otherwise a good performance by The Burning.

The main attraction, Ill Nino, plays what they call Latino metal with strong influences from Fear Factory, Soulfly, Sepultura, Metallica, NU-metal and some end-of-the-eighties thrash.

Ill Nino includes six, some of them well-known, guys with South American roots, dreadlocks and a sense for what works on a young rock-wanting audience.

The music is founded on a solid base from drummer Dave Chavarri, percussionist Danny Couto and bass player Lazaro Pina. This section of the band is unique - Dave Chavarri and Danny Couto play crazy samba and salsa rhythms together like a machine. Lazaro Pina ends this perfect triangle.

With two very tight and skilled guitarists and a well performing Cristian Machado on top, it surely looks good on the paper.

Ill Nino also made a fantastic first impression. Top tuned super sound, smooth and rehearsed stage-show, great light – everything in place.

The audience went immediately berserk to the tight and powerful performance of the band. With adrenaline pumping through my body, Ill Nino floods the venue with shredding and aggressive riffs. This is f…… great. The performance is overwhelmingly tight.

Then my eyes fell on Ahrue (Luster) (formerly of Machine Head) -  he is really giving everything he has on a Spanish guitar on a stand…….but then it strikes me…….he is not playing the damn thing…..he is only pretending….as being a guitarist myself it is fairly easy to spot a faker ……hmmmm……why……Ahrue is a great guitarist, why is he not playing? Ok - I thought - it must be because it is difficult making sound on an acoustic guitar in this noisy heavy environment. My adrenaline rush became suddenly more like a fear and I decided to watch the show a little closer. After a few more songs it seemed evident that not everything is as it should be with this band. The raw, monster-heavy rhythm guitar seemed to be faked as well.
Sure, it’s ok to use samplers to play keyboard parts and effects BUT….. When I left the venue I was pretty sure that most of the great guitar riffs I heard came from a sampler……recorded some other day in a nice and cosy studio….and then what with the bass…the vocals…I am not sure?

I am positively sure that the Dave Chavarri, and Danny Couto played their instruments - and very well indeed.  

I like it when I can see a guitarist is suffering with a difficult riff – I like it when the band is sweating for the audience. I like to see a LIVE performance. It doesn’t matter that there is indications that show me that there are humans allocated on the stage. I am paying for that. If I want a smooth play backed performance I could watch MTV or something.

Ill Nino puts up a great show – but musically you will get the same as if you crank up the CD-player in your living room.

Now the band will probably sue the ass of our webzine for my accusations – but what the hell – I think I am right on this one….

It all seems pretty Milli Vanilli.

Attending: Jesper Lysgaard