Hatesphere/Dawn of Demise/Mindmare
Train, Aarhus, Denmark
February 10th 2006


First off on this fine Friday evening in Aarhus is a band from Odense in Denmark. Five lads who’ve actually been around the metal scene for some years now, most notably in one of the constellations of the now defunct doom metal band Morfeus whom some might remember. Sadly, the experience these musicians ought to have doesn’t really shine through. The In Flames influences are obvious here and there, only this is not very tight and the stage presence is indeed lacking.

The front man seems like a pleasant enough chap who growls decently, but he just comes over as being too shy. A long way to go still for this band.  

Rating: 65

Dawn of Demise

Now, after Mindmare, Dawn of Demise from Silkeborg in Denmark have a much more impressive style. This is brutal and much more tight. And the voice of vocalist Scott Jensen, ho ho, what a trumpet of doom that is! If Illdisposed fall over a cliff tomorrow, we have someone to fall in their footsteps, no doubt. The beautiful part is that that this guy looks as if he’s falling asleep, and, no, it’s not shyness, he’s just a portly little geezer with hair down to his arse and an extremely laidback attitude. And he just happens to have one of the most brutal voices I’ve heard in a long time. This is an excellent and very promising performance  - go see them!

Rating: 89


Aaaah, Hatesphere. My favourite gig these days. Jacob and his crew have never disappointed me (or any other audience I believe) and I was for some reason a bit anxious that it would happen tonight here in their hometown. You know, to some extent it did. Just a little bit.

It doesn’t come down to the music – it was a in-your-fucking-face an riff-laden as always and spanned their small but strong catalogue of releases (see setlist next to this) – no, it came down to the chit-chatter on stage from Mr. Bredahl. Don’t go Phil Anselmo, man, do what you do best: scream!

Otherwise…helluwa gig.

Rating: 92

Attending: Thomas