Voxhall, Århus, Denmark

April 14, 2005

On the surface, this is an entirely ordinary Thursday evening. Below the surface of the city of Aarhus awaits a bunch of twisted aliens who are going to turn this evening into a shower of blood, guts and intergalactic sperm.

GWAR never impressed with their musicianship throughout their fairly long career (debut album released in 1988), but they deliver a decent blend of heavy metal and thrash that is just good enough to make you bang your head. This is not really important, though. What is important is the grotesque show unveiled on stage.

What we see this evening is a parade of extraterrestrial monsters that squirt all over the place and fight the equally absurd renderings of American celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and terror-godfather Osama Bin Laden. All of these suffer a gruesome death by the hands of Odorus Urungus and his cruel minions who have no intention of showing mercy.

After three songs, we find our t-shirts drenched in the blood from a poor geezer who gets his head chopped off and equally unlucky Arnie whose guts are revealed to us. When the gig is over, even my underpants are soaked in red fluids! The whole thing is so absurd that you can’t stop laughing. Odorus casually performs fellatio on a wanking George Bush who is then torn to pieces, Ronald Reagan returns from the afterlife as a warmongering robot and puts up a decent fight before getting his arms and torso ripped off.

You could decide to see this gig as a stupid yet stupendously hilarious event, you could also consider the fact that many of the deeds of the characters torn apart by GWAR this evening are in fact more grotesque than GWAR will ever be. What kind of world creates bands like this? This world! Get used to it and find your vents. Go see GWAR (and bring a white shirt, heehee…)!

This piece of paper was hidden away in one of my pockets…it was white when the gig started!


Attending: Thomas & Jørgen