Giants of Rock
Gentofte Stadium, Copenhagen

10th of July, 2005


On this fine Danish summer day, Swedish Hammerfall initiate the festivities at the new one-day outdoor event, Giants of Rock. Like too many likeminded outfits, Hammerfall apparently haven’t realised that we still have Iron Maiden, Helloween and Dio among us. However energetic, the Swedes only materialise as a petty copy of said bands, although they make an effort to look really silly in so doing. Hammerfall are somewhat irrelevant in my view.



Due to a severe bout of dehydration, Lemmy is forced to cancel the show in Copenhagen and the promoters have to call for a last-minute substitute for Motörhead. Substitutes for Mr. Kilminster and his entourage are German metal legends Accept, and what fine substitutes they are!

As we move into the early evening, Accept take the approximately 20.000 metalheads present through classics such as “Fast as a Shark”, “Monsterman”, “London Leather Boys”, “Son of a Bitch”, “Princess of the Dawn” and as a final encore über-classic “Balls to the Wall”. The only flaws of the set are the two endless sing-along parts that some German bands still find obligatory. One is fine, two are a pest, especially when the band doesn’t have full playing time as is typically the case at festivals.



As always, Tom Araya is amiable and relaxed on stage as he addresses the crowd. This evening he has taken on biblical looks as he’s sporting a full beard, stained with white hairs that bear witness to the fact that he along with messieurs Hannemann, King and Lombardo have been around for some time now. As announced by Araya, the set today is going to be short but sweet. And sweet it is.

Concentrated and focused as I haven’t seen them in a while, Slayer tear through one hour’s worth of some of their best material, starting out with “South of Heaven”. Graced with the best sound of the festival, the thrash legends churn out “Silent Scream”, “Bloodstained”, “Postmortem”, “Mandatory Suicide”, “Dead Skin Mask”, “War Ensemble”, “Bloodred”, “Seasons in the Abyss”, “Disciple”, “God Send Death” and “Angel of Death”. Slayer are the thrash kings, no more, no less.

Quote of the evening:
Tom: “Do you wanna DIE!?!”
Crowd: “Yeeeeeeeeeaah!”
Tom: “Do you really wanna DIE?!?”
Tom: “That’s a shame, then you’d miss the rest of the show.”



There is little doubt that Rammstein are the main attraction this evening. And they live up to all expectations. The effort made to entertain is enormous as fire is spurted, shot and thrown all over the place. Throughout the set, the stage is teeming with roadies dressed in shirt and tie who equip the musicians with the various pyro-technical accessories, Till is dressed up as a bloodstained chef during “Mein Teil”, swinging his microphone-knife. The keyboarder Christian Lorentz, man, he’s just out of this world. Has to be seen. No moment without entertainment.

And the sceptics who might fear that the music disappears in the circus are put to shame; even though Till Lindemann’s voice disappears a couple of times it is only due to the sheer bombast and heaviness of the German sextet’s industrial inspired metal and it doesn’t really matter.

The journey through material from all four Rammstein albums appropriately begins with “Reise, Reise” and moves on to “Links 2 3 4”, “Sonne”, “Feuer Frei!”, “Sehnsucht”, “Du hast”, mega-hit “Mein Teil”, “Keine Lust”, “Morgenstern” (a monster riff live!), Stein um Stein” and the encores “Rammstein” and “Amerika”. A good hour and a half is what we get from Rammstein on this hot evening in Copenhagen , and you just want more. It’s a perfect end to a well executed new metal event.


Attended by Thomas