Fear Factory / Misery Index / MAN
Train, Aarhus, Denmark
March 28th 2006


Missing the first songs from opener MAN, the band never leaves a real impression on me. Their sound is ok, but the songs are easily forgotten, as is their stage performance. Today I can’t remember a single note…

Not fair to give a rating based on four songs.

Misery Index

Not so easily forgotten are Baltimoreans Misery Index. The four-piece impress with the sheer speed and brutality as well as the eagerness with which they attack the stage. Dead-on headbangers the lot (even the drummer).

The sound is loud and in your face from beginning till end. To someone who doesn’t know their music beforehand, this grindcore inspired whirlwind becomes a bit boring after a few songs, and it all turns into one long song. Too bad when it is clear that they in fact tear as much shit up as I haven’t seen anyone do in a long time.

Rating: 79

Fear Factory

Sadly, this evening’s headliner is responsible for the anticlimax. After the intro (Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” in full…), the supposed redemption is not quite there when it turns out that the sound has been turned down a few notches since Misery Index left the stage and, moreover, that Fear Factory has decided to open the ball with one of their not so strong compositions from “Transgression”.  

It is not a promising start, and it becomes painstakingly obvious throughout the set that this isn’t the top-tuned and energetic Fear Factory I’ve seen and enjoyed so many times before. There is little movement on stage and apart from Burton C. Bell, there is next to no communication with the crowd. As it turns out, Christian Olde plays with a broken foot, so that might explain why he’s holding back. Burton ’s voice is not the best, but as the evening progresses, it gets better, and he’s eventually capable of pulling off “Timelessness” from “Obsolete” as the only, however chilling, encore.  

Otherwise, only a handful of tunes come across the way they should: The back-to-back onslaught of “Shock” and “Edgecrusher” hammer through, as does “Cyber Waste”. “Descent” comes out great, and the same can be said of “Martyr”. “Linch Pin” is served appropriately too.  

Apart from that, even “Demanufacture” uber-songs like “Replica” and “Self Bias Resistor” and “Acres of Skin” from “Digimortal” sound a bit dull, and on the whole this is the impression.

The conclusion is that this is not a good evening for Fear Factory. Hopefully, this was a little bump on the road.      

Rating: 75

Attending: Thomas