Cradle of Filth & Deathstars
Train, Aarhus, Denmark
December 11th 2006

The last time I saw my favourite black/goth metallers Cradle of Filth live was at Dynamo Festival in 1999. I was very impressed at the time – not only because of the sound and quality of the music but also because of the show – that gig was like walking into hellfire with impressive pyrotechnics and caged dancers. My expectations are therefore high before this otherwise dreary Monday evening in Aarhus.


But before I find out whether my expectation will be met, we have to go through the motions of Swedish outfit Deathstars who earlier this year released the fine disc ‘Termination Bliss’. The set is dominated by tracks from their second release, and they are executed with determination by the quartet. Although hardly known by the audience, the fairly simple and Marilyn Manson-like tunes fare well with the crowd who applaud appropriately.

A job well done by Deathstars.

Rating: 75 

Cradle of Filth

When Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Leviathan begins to pour from the PA, it signals the beginning of approximately an hour and a half of Cradle of Filth madness. Completely in vogue with the brilliant new ‘Thornography’, the show isn’t as important as the music. 

The first half of Dirge Inferno is marred by a terrible sound, the drums in particular, but this soon shapes up. No less than seven songs from ‘Thornography’ are spread all over in tonight’s set list, and the conclusion is that they work really well live. ‘I Am The Thorn’ in particular is absolutely remarkable as is the instrumental ‘Rise Of The Pentagram’. Apart from the already mentioned tunes, we get to listen to Tonight In Flames, Under Huntress Moon and the brilliant cover of Heaven 17’s Temptation. 

Dani and his brood of demons look relaxed and confident in the strength of their songs. Sarah Jezebel’s strong and beautiful voice provides perfect accompaniment to Dani’s furious howling as we’re taken through a choice selection of COF hits like Dusk And Her Embrace, Her Ghost in the Fog, Nymphetamine, Once Upon Atrocity and the concluding encore From the Cradle to Enslave. 

Tonight’s gig is a confirmation of the Cradle’s strength. Music is at the centre and it is a joy to listen to the power and virtuosity of the Brits. More black Mondays like that, please!

Rating: 85

Attending: Thomas Nielsen