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Interview with Alex - The Vintage Caravan. January, 2014

Brilliant and exciting Vintage Hard Rock from Álftanes, Iceland.

PoM : Can you tell our readers shortly about the history of the band and presentation of the members in ‘The Vintage Caravan’?

Alex: The band was started a while ago by Gaui (Drummer) and Óskar (Guitarist-Singer) just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland when they were only twelve years old. That evolved from a garage project to a full blown gigging band in just a few years. Then after their second bass player left the band I (Alex-Bassist) joined in and after that the band has just been getting bigger and bigger.

PoM: Is there a main songwriter in the band or how have you divided the work with the song writing in the band? 

Alex: At first it was almost all written by Óskar but after I joined the band there has been more democratic approach to things. Right now, any of us might bring something to practice and we'd jam on it til it becomes a full song. It's a really fun process, but us finding it fun has resulted in us having the luxury problem of way too much material haha....

PoM : Tell us how media has responded to the album so far?

Alex: Incredibly well I must say. The album has been getting great reviews all around and the exposure has been incredible. It's kind of surreal having done this for a while in Iceland, which is of course an isolated island in the Atlantic, then go on overseas and you see how much bigger the world really is. Weird having people from all over the world writing to you, about you.

PoM: I especially likes the epic song ‘Expand Your Mind’. Can you tell us more about that track and maybe something about the magnificent video?

Alex: I can tell you that was one of the hardest songs to record. The groove has this weird feel and it took us a few takes to get it just where we wanted it. But we had so much fun shooting the video. Director Bowen Staines, came up with a bunch of these crazy ideas and lot of the stuff just happened. We made some lifelong friends shooting that and though it was a lot of work it was amazingly fun and we are very proud of it.

PoM: The long closing track ‘The Kings Voyage’ is also one of my personal favourite tracks, what can you tell us about that song?

Alex: King's Voyage was supposed to be some kind of outlet for I guess the weirder creative side of the band. Even when we play that live it just get's weirder with some improvisation and so on. In a way it's also a nod to some of the prog greats, which we will always admire, like King Crimson, Rush, Gentle Giant...

PoM: The track ‘Winterland‘ is one of the top songs on ‘Voyage’. Can you tell us something specific about the work with that song?

Alex: I can tell that it's one of my favorites to play live. It get's people kind of hypnotized which is really fun when it jumps out in middle with a salsa-ish beat haha..

PoM: Are there any other tracks that means something extraordinary or means anything unique and special for you on 'Voyage'?

VAlex: Well, 'Do You Remember' has been an either you love it or not kind of song for a lot of people. But it was something personal for Óskar, based on his own experience that ended badly. Also, there is guest singer on the track Midnight Mediatation, a girl called Agnes from the electro pop band Sykur, check them out they are awesome. It was very interesting to collaborate like that in the studio and she has an amazing voice. Usually live, we try to get some guest singer to fill up that spot and it can often be very entertaining.

PoM: How does the future look for The Vintage Caravan? Any live shows outside Iceland?

Alex: Yeah, we have this tour in March with Grand Magus and Audrey Horne which will be awesome. Then we are doing Roadburn festival in Holland and Wacken this August. Some other festivals and tours are also unconfirmed. It's going to be a great year for The Vintage Caravan!

PoM: Which bands or persons has been the biggest musical inspiration for the band?

Alex: There are so many to count, but of course the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple I think have been the biggest influences.

PoM: Tell us something about the nice artwork - who made it and is it important for you with a cool artwork?

Alex: A tattoo artist from the US called Alex Matus, we are very happy with her work. We actually had a different cover for the Icelandic version but our label wished to change that and we weren't so sure at first but when we saw the cover and especially when we got the first copies of the album we were incredibly stoked about it. It's very important to us to have a good artwork that represents the album both visually and mentally as you are most likely going to be thinking of the cover while listening to the album.

PoM: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck. Do you have any last words to our readers on powerofmetal.dk?

Alex: Yeah, check us out on tour, we hope to come to Denmark really soon (we might actually be moving to Denmark in March) and like our Facebook page to be in touch and keep track of what we are doing!


The Vintage Caravan - Voyage

Label: Nuclear Blast Records.

Link: facebook.com/vintagecaravan.


Óskar Logi Ágústsson - guitar/vocals
Guðjón Reynisson - drums
Alexander Örn Númason - bass

Voyage (2013)


Interviewed by Patrik J Skoglund