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Interview with SEA - September 2014

PoM: Tell our readers in short the history of 'Sea' and a brief presentation of the members in the band?

Sea: Our band consists of two pairs of childhood friends, from two different Danish islands. Anders Brink (Vocals, guitar) and Maico Thyge (bas) from Bornholm - Anders Kargaard (guitar) and Jonas Bangstrup (drums) from Amager. We all shared a common passion for the heavy rock masterpieces of the past and a frustration over the general state of current commercial music. So we buried ourselves in a dark and smoky basement in Copenhagen and soon here after SEA saw the light of day for the first time.

PoM: Who is the main songwriter? Or how is the writing divided in ‘Sea’??  

Sea: In the early days of the band, lead singer Anders Brink wrote most of the songs and lyrics. He still writes the lyrics, but lately we’ve been working a lot more with songwriting collectively while jamming in our rehearsal room. Often we find that the results are better when we discuss the songs together and tell what we like and just as important, what we don’t like. With four large artist egos, this can sometimes be quite an exhausting and tense process, but the results are well worth it.

PoM : How media has responded to 'Sea' so far?

Really well. We’ve gotten a lot of good reviews and comments from people in the business. It’s a special feeling to hear some of our own musical inspirations compliment our music. Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate) is quoted  saying:

“Sea can be the next big thing. Strong, powerful and melodic, with a 70’s vibe and a singer similar to our heroes from the Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake era”

Here are a few review examples:
Scream (Norway) (5/6)
Classic Rock Magazine (Germany) (7/10)
Devolution (4/5)
Calles Rockcorner (5/6)
Rockfreaks (7,5/10)
Revolution Inc. (4/6)

PoM: I especially like the opening track ‘Sorry To Be Sane’. Can you tell us more about that song?

Sea: That is definitely one of our favorite songs as well, so thanks. It evolved around the main riff and the idea of integrating a cow bell. The lyrics are kind of a ironic take one the general notion that rock musicians need to have a screwed up childhood and abuse problems in order to be successful.

PoM: The nice track ‘Battle To Be Seen’ is also a favorite song, what can you tell us about that tune?

Sea: This was one of the last songs we finished before recording the album. The song is a bit more up tempo and we tried to bring out the harmonized guitars as a main character.
PoM: 'Eyes of Sedona' is one of the top songs on the album. Can you tell us something specific about the work with that track ?

Sea: This is actually one of our oldest songs. We started working on it a couple of years ago and it’s been re-arranged a few times. So the final version on the record kind of reflects our evolution in the band.

PoM: Are there any other tracks that means something extraordinary or mean anything unique and special for you on the album?

Sea: It’s hard for us to choose favorites because we’ve put so much energy into all of the music. There are definitely some different memories tied to all of the songs. “Another Song to Sing” was the first song that all four of us wrote together. In “Cry” the harmonized guitars and solos get to shine and “Ride On” is kind of a feel good favorite in the band.
PoM: How does the future look for SEA? Are there any shows planned in or outside Denmark?

Sea: The best thing that we can do right now, is to get out there and play our music for as many people as possible. We are now playing a number of concerts all over Denmark and we’re also planning some European shows.

PoM: Which bands or persons has been the biggest musical inspiration for Sea??

Sea: Actually we listen to a very large variety of bands and far from all of these influences are obvious in our music. It’s obvious that we love 70’s and 80’s rock and heavy. So bands like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Purple, Metallica, Pantera and so on, have of course been an inspiration to us. But actually we’re equally inspired by bands like The Beatles, CCR, ZZ top and many other rock, blues, soul and pop bands. We’ve never written a song to make it sound like a certain band or a certain genre. We know that when the four of us in the band come together, it has a certain sound and energy. So from that we try to make the best songs that we can. We find that the most important thing in songwriting is good melodies that people will remember, even in the case of metal. If that melody comes in the form of a chorus, a vocal line, a solo or simply a great riff, doesn’t matter. So if you have to find one comparison between all our influences, it is that they all know how to work great melodies into their music.

Please tell us something about the nice artwork - who made it and is it important to you with a cool artwork?

Sea: The logo, inspired by the incident nordic symbol "Valknud" - a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles, not only ties connection to the history of the band's home land but the name of the band as well (SEA). We designed the artwork ourselves and we had our guitar tech extraordinaire Bjørn ”Titson” Patterson to do the all the work for us. So we owe him a lot of free beers and groupies for him.

PoM: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck. Do you have any last words to our readers on powerofmetal.dk?

Thanks a lot for the good review and we hope to see you all out there soon.


Label: Mighty Music

Link: facebook.com/sea


Anders Brink: Vocals & Guitar
Anders Kargaard: Guitar
Maico Thyge: Bass
Jonas Bangstrup: Drums

SEA (2014)


Interviewed by Patrik J Skoglund