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Interview with Eden Circus - October 2014

You guys have a style that is not easy to classify. What genre or genres would you call the music of Eden Circus?

Well, it is definitively not easy to classify our music, but we tend to smile, when we read something like "Post-Metal". Distributors and magazines had a lot of names for our style of music in the past from "Alternative" to "Metal" to Progressive-Rock" and everything in between, but it's somehow "progressive Post-Metal", that fit's the bill the most.

Why did you guys take so long to record your debut album, "Marula?"

"Marula" was our debut album and we simply took the time we needed to be happy with the music. There simply wasn’t any time pressure.

Was it easier to ultimately record the songs after a longer incubation period or was it more challenging to "get it right?"

It was a lot easier to record a well arranged song. We did not have the need to produce the song in the final recording session anymore and so we were able to focus on the sound design, which was really important for us.

Is there one track that you would consider to be the "definitive" or best representation of what Eden Circus is all about?

That's quiet a tough question - "101", "Her Lovely Hands upon the Black Earth" and "A Shore Uncertainty" seem to be well beloved and they are close to be representative for our style of music, but not one song on "Marula" would be a "trademark song". We simply didn’t want to put every single influence and cool idea we have in one single song.

What are your musical influences both individually and collectively?

That could be the start of an endless discussion – obviously the band has a crush on acts like Oceansize, Dredg, Opeth, Katatonia, the Ocean, Cult of Luna and yeah: Failure and Tool. BUT if you ask for individual influences, that’s a totally different story! Comin’ from Jazz, Trihop and Hardcore to 80’ hair-metal – in most cases experimental and technical stuff, though we do like our candy sweet sometimes…

What are your touring plans? Europe? The world?

We just toured through Poland couple of weeks ago and we will play a few more shows in Germany in 2014, but it's simply not that easy to book all shows on your own. We did schedule some shows for 2015 so far, but we surely have more plans for the upcoming year. Dear booking agencies - if you read this: We need shows for 2015 - please give us a call! ;-) ...otherwise we will do the booking on our own - as usually.

Thank you guys for a great album and for answering my questions!

Thank you Rob, for your kind words and for doing this interview with us!

Eden Circus - Marula

Label: Lifeforce Records

Link: www.edencircus.de.


Siegmar Pohl – vocals
Michael Reinke – drums/vocals
Andreas Höfler – guitar/vocals
Sebastian Scheewe – bass
Nils Finkeisen – guitar

Marula (2014)


Interviewed by Rob Pociluk