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 Interview with Lars Holmboe - Deed In Karma  September, 2014

PoM: Tell our readers shortly the history of 'Deed in Karma' and a brief presentation of the members in the band?

Lars: Deed In Karma was put together six years ago by Jonas Holmberg (Lead Vocals) and Christian O. Nielsen (Lead Guitars). Initially, the band had another line-up, but within the next couple of years, the current line-up materialised with Lars Vilmar on drums, and me, Lars Holmboe on bass. A little known fact is that the band’s first gig was played in Vejle under the moniker Dusty Rifle Band... A name that fortunately didn’t stick... Jonas used to be the vocalist of the legendary Danish death-metal outfit, Maceration, with whom he performed a host of live-gigs some 20-25 years ago. Fortunately, Jonas has since swapped his growling-voice for a more true rock’n’roll singing style. Lars Vilmar used to play the drums in Savage Affair, a Danish rock-act which enjoyed tremendous main-stream success in the nineties touring the world and releasing a number of hit singles.

PoM: Is there one songwriter, or how is the work divided in the band?  

Lars: The entire band takes part in the creative process, but the tracks usually materialize around an idea generated by Jonas and Christian. The dynamic duo of Jonas and Christian has been a songwriting team for more than a decade, spending most Thursday evenings with a couple of acoustic guitars and a nice pot of tea writing tunes. I basically handle the business side of Deed In Karma while Vilmar’s busy taking care of the thunder..

PoM : How media has responded to 'Good Dog' so far?

The media have been very kind to Deed In Karma. We’ve received predominantly positive reviews from domestic as well as international magazines and websites. The only downright negative review was posted by a Norwegian Black Metal site... We’re still wondering why...

PoM: I read something about Tomas Gravesen's role in the creation of the band, can you tell us something about that?

Lars: Thomas is more or less Deed In Karma’s biggest fan. He’s been very fond of Jonas’ singing voice and offered him a shot at making an album of his material. His involvement secured Deed In Karma a few weeks of recording at Hansen Studios in Ribe with notable producer Jacob Hansen behind the wheel. Since then, Thomas has been a motivational force driving the band to perfect our act. He’s been an invaluable help. He’s got such a deep felt love of rock music, and he’s always been willing to listen to our ideas and sketches. Long before the album Good Dog became a reality, Thomas would have our demo version of the album in heavy rotation in his car, so when he would show up at our local gigs in Vejle, he would be right there at the front singing his heart out, as the very only person in the crowd that would know each and every lyric by heart!.

PoM: I especially likes the opening song ‘I ain't crawling’. Can you tell us more about that track?

Lars: 'I ain’t Crawling' is one of our biggest live-favourites. It’s all about overcoming the various blows that life gives you and sticking it to the expectations that everybody have to you. Its block-rocking main riff is always guaranteed to leave the crowd bouncing. Since the recording of the track we’ve been adding some vocal harmonies to different parts of the song. Somehow it’s living its own life, ever developing.?

PoM: The calm closing track ‘Release' is also one of my personal favourite tracks, what can you tell us about that song?

Lars: Release is a very personal song about Jonas’ relationship with his parents. It’s about a sometimes frustrating search for recognition and a need to try to live up to the expectations of your surroundings. The album title “Good Dog” is a summary of the recurring theme of living up to other people’s expectations which somehow shape the lives of all of us. Release is soothing but also with a note of inner frustration.!
PoM: 'The track ‘Communication‘ is one of the top songs on ‘Good Dog’. Can you tell us something specific about the work with that track?

Lars: The main riff in Communication started out as a rather ballsy, hard-rocking riff, but during the course of the recording at Hansen Studios it developed into a poppier sounding little tune. We also wanted to explore the vocal range and abilities of Jonas, leading to each verse being built up differently with regards to the song’s melody. We’re actually quite pleased with Communication. It’s also developed into a bonafide fan favourite..

PoM: Are there any other track that means something extraordinary or mean anything unique and special for you on the album??

Lars: There’s no doubt that Stray Dog means a lot to us. It’s our first single off the album and we think it represents the essentials of what got Deed In Karma going. It’s bluesy and riff-driven in a very basic, primal way. It’s actually the very first track Deed In Karma.

PoM: How does the future look for Deed In Karma? Are there any shows planned in or outside Denmark?

Lars: We’re working on a number of tour dates in Denmark in the near future, but we’re also looking to hit the European stages. We have primarily set our eyes on Germany, but we all like driving, so we’re ready to go out there. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes right now that I can’t go public with at this time.

PoM: Which bands or persons has been the biggest musical inspiration for Deed in Karma??

Lars: Most of us come from a background where the grunge rock of the nineties hit us like a ton of bricks. Metal is in our blood, but the raw, naked sounds and subject matter of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam really struck a chord with the younger versions of the bands members. We’ve also paid tribute to David Bowie in our live set. He’s an inspiration, ever reinventing himself, never losing relevance..

Please tell us something about the nice artwork - who made it and is it important to you with a cool artwork?

Lars: Artwork is essential to us. It underlines the message of the music and allows the listener to get in the mood that we aim to create without us imposing it on them. The artwork is created by my wife, Anne Dorthe Buur Holmboe who’s actually a fashion designer. The dog is our stupid French Bulldog, Olfert... His tongue is 5 centimetres too long and simply doesn’t fit in his mouth....

PoM: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck. Do you have any last words to our readers on powerofmetal.dk?

Thanks for your review and friendship! We hope you’ll hook up with Deed In Karma out there at our upcoming shows.

Deed In Karma - Good Dog

Label: Target Records

Link: facebook.com/deedinkarma


Deed In Karma:
Guitar - Christian O Nielsen
Guitar, Vocals - Jonas Holmberg
Bass - Lars S Holmboe
Drums - Lars Vilmar Jensen

Good Dog (2014)


Interviewed by Patrik J Skoglund