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Interview with Michael Stützer, Artillery - January 201

With LEGIONS you have released you third album in 5 years. Trying to make up the loss of the years you missed, or is the band so very creative.

Ha ha, yeah maybe. No to be honest we always wanted to do more albums but it was never possible because of lacking of support, members who did not wanted to tour etc.
But now we got a line – up who is very dedicated to Artillery’s style and to our fans!  So its very easy to be creative these days!

Every band thinks the last album is the best they have made, is that the fact with this ‘Legions’, is it the best so far in you own humble opinion?

We always try to do things better on every new album we make, but sometimes you feel that everything clicks, like the production, the songs and the musical performance of all 5 members etc really works! We really feel that Legions really did that. And for the first time since By Inheritance I got the feeling that this album will do a lot for us!

Why did singer Soren Adamsen leave the band?

Sřren wanted to be involved with a lot of other projects in the more Hard Rock style I guess and so its better to follow your heart and leave the band if you are not dedicated to Artillery anymore, but we have no hard feelings about that at all!

Was it difficult to find a new singer who has a good voice and who’s personality sticks with the other members? And please tell us something about his background?

No not really, we played together with Michael when he was playing in a coverband Mercyful Diamond who was playing songs of (Yes you guessed it) Mercyful Fate and King Diamond! We knew right away that he would fit perfectly in Artillery both personally and definitely because of his great vocals! He also did 2 albums with Ripe!

There are a few other bands with 2 brothers in the line up, doesn’t that give trouble at times?

No not really, maybe a little in the beginning of the band but these days its very easy to work with together!

All your albums have some Eastern influences in them, does a band member have roots in that area?

No, The Eastern influences goes back to 1989 where we was touring in Russia near the Afghanian Border. We was spending a lot of time in a train (almost driving 4000 km) and they were playing that kind of Middle Eastern inspired music al the time and that gave the idea for Khomaniac and have followed us since that!

If you let me listen to 100 thrash bands, I will recognize Artillery among them, even with a new singer. Any idea what makes you sound different from the lot?

Many people have said that and it really makes us proud. I think the combination between our Middle Eastern inspirations combinated with vocals who is different from the normally thrash singer and with strong hook lines have been our trade mark through the years!

Listening to the new album, it reminded me sometimes of the ‘By Inheritance’ Album, do you agree on that?

Yes, I really thinks Legions its the closest we have done to By Inheritance ever, but it was the plan to do it. It was first when I was listen to the album the first time after recording it I really noticed it!

I know that if’s don’t count, but have you ever thought about where the band would be when they hadn’t split in the early nineties? I mean, at that time you were in my opinion one of the best European thrash acts.

I’m sure we would have been a bit higher on the popular level, but its nothing we really think a lot about anymore. Our first goal to play music has always been to have fun and in that goal we really succeeded. And with the new contract, lots of tours etc the future still seems very bright!

When the band started, there was a possibility to become financially independent if the record sales were high enough. That time is long gone because of the digital (free) download mentality of the youth. I am very curious about what made you decide to start again with the band in 2007. It can’t be the money...

No not the money, even if we are getting more of them than we ever did!

The answer is simple we love to play and still have a lot of fun and ambitions to gain!

Are you still following the thrash scene and the so called New Wave of thrash bands? If so, what are your favourites?

Yes there are a lot of good bands out there like Evile, Bonded By Blood, Gama Bomb, Fuel By Fire and Nationel Suicide to mentioned a few.
Also many of the old still make good albums like Onslaught. In Demark we have Hells Domain, Impalers, Essence and Bathory among others!

Are there touring plans and can we expect Artillery on some Summer festivals again this year in Europe?

We will do a South America tour in late Jan/Feb a trip to Japan in March, a little tour in Denmark in April, A European tour in May, A USA/Canada tour in October and playing in Countries like Russia, Romania etc. We will also play festivals like Metal Days etc!
We also hope to get the chance to play Copenhell again!

Now we have come at the end of the year 2013, what was your personal highlight?

There’s been a lot with Artillery, but seeing Black Sabbath with almost the legendary Line-up first time since 1976 was amazing!

What could you have been without in 2013?

Marie Key it sucks so much!

Anything else you want to say to the (Danish) readers?

Thanks a lot to our Danish supporters for giving us a great time the last couple of years and thanks for the support of our new album Legions!
Come and see us in April and join the Legions!

Artillery - Legions

Label: Metal Blade Records.

Link: www.artillery.dk.


Michael Bastholm Dahl - Vocals
Michael Stützer - Guitars
Morten Stützer - Guitars
Peter Thorslund - Bass
Josua Madsen - Drums

Legions (2013)
My Blood (2011)
When Death Comes (2009)
B.A.C.K. (1999)
By Inheritance (1990)
Terror Squad (1987)
Fear of Tomorrow (1985) 


Interviewed by Reinier de Vries