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Interview with Efthimis Karadimas - Nightfall, February 2012


Is Nightfall a real band, or is it just your project? 

Efthimis: It is a real band with many members. Not an ordinary scheme but an entity where everybody has his unquestionable role and share in achievement and failures.  

It did take a lot less time to write a new album, between your 2010 record ‘Astron Black and Thirty Tyrants’ and this new one is only 3 years. More inspiration? 

Indeed, flawless inspiration. This has always been the real case in art. Being inspired should be the only condition for writing a piece of music, or poetry, or anything. Other sources than that is simply an excuse to hit the road and make a buzz around your name. Is it? 

What is in your eyes the biggest difference between your new album ‘Cassiopeia’ and its predecessor? 

Cassiopeia is a Brutal Heavy Metal album. The equilibrium between all those guitar leads in the vein of 80’s style and techniques with the ultra heavy vocals and the blast tempos here and there wherever fit best, makes it unique and interesting to listen to. Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants is an epic mid tempo album; Cassiopeia has more elements in it. 

There are many member changes on every album, who is new this time? 

The core of the band remains exactly the same as in Astron Black: Efthimis Karadimas, Evan Hensley, Stathis Kassios, and Jorg Uken. Constantine (also in Primal Fear) and Stathis Ridis joined for live appearances mainly but believe they will soon start contributing more to the recording process and the band overall. 

There is a member living in the USA and one in Germany, isn’t it difficult to record a new album?  

Not at all. We are not the kind of band who composes new stuff while jammin in a rehearsal room. I usually prepare everything and then welcome everybody to participate in the arrangements his own way, while especially in Cassiopeia music was composed between me and Evan. The whole process rolled smooth through daily exchanges and as soon as the main thing was ready the rest followed suit. I see no problem to that. Quite the opposite actually; the different cultural background we share is a source of interesting outcomes. 

I suppose the band will not promote the new album with live gigs because of the distance between the members? 

We do gather in one place when it is need. However, we are not the rock n roll type of guys who want to hit the road for fun, promotion or whatever any other reason. After all, touring is part of the business side of music industry and not part of the art thing. Playing your stuff on stage or not, its artistic value remains the same. We do consider arranging a tour for Cassiopeia, but we need to be sure all conditions from the side of the promoters will be met. A tour or gig lacking quality leads to a serious mess for the band and the people who trust you and come to see and listen. Don’t want to be trapped in such situation, so we are very careful and prefer not to do it in the first place if not sure about this parameter. Anyhow, next month we start the rehearsals either in Germany or Greece.

Could you tell us something about the story of Cassiopeia? 

Cassiopeia was a very beautiful queen. Her daughter Andromeda too. No problem about that, except when the first claimed their beauty greater to that of nymphs Nereids, causing Poseidon’s wrath. The arrogance behind such ascending spirit so to speak is typical to human beings. Beauty is used metaphorically in this story. It actually refers to any sort of power a person may enjoys at a certain period in life that is leading him/her (or it, as it may well refer to a nation, or a society, whatsoever) to believing his/her superiority over others and consequently demanding things that will eventually lead to a brutal reaction (in the myth, this came from god Poseidon; in real life this may come from anyone around who feel offended or harmed). Greek mythology is full of such stories that work as a manual of peoples behavioural patterns; the deepest you go in it the more you understand that human nature itself remains the very same for centuries in terms of ways of thinking, assessing and corresponding to issues and situations raising from everyday life. More important, you soon understand the smallness of our species. The fact we are broken. This is a very important lesson cause once you truly realise you are imperfect you are ready to accept others imperfect status. You start forgiving others’ inability to deliver things they promised but our nature betrayed them during process.  

Who is responsible for the song-writing, only Efthimis, or do the other members have influence too? 

Cassiopeia music has been composed by me and Evan, while I also do the lyrics and the concepts.

When I listen to the new songs, I hear influences of Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Tiamat and Dimmu Borgir is that correct? 

Dear Reinier, this is something I know you are much more capable than I do, therefore be my guest and list the influences you spot there without any argument by my side. What can I only add is that we are talking about a band whose members share three different cultures, therefore there are many things combined in there.  

The financial situation of many people in Greece is very bad at the moment, what do you feel and see of the crisis? 

Crisis is taking its toll to the entire Western world and I see many things coming up that will not be that enjoyable to anybody. The good thing out of this will may be the fact that Metal and other subcultures will return to their original status. That of making uncompromising art for the eyes and the ears of the few devoted ones in the shadows of mainstream culture, without necessities cheap money/loans created like that of bright expensive productions, super photos and covers, costly tours, vast merchandise, and other shit mainstream fashion requires for ages now. Metal is not about investing huge money and longing for great profits. It is much simpler in means as it was made to serve cerebral purposes. Recall the early 90s where we didn’t have the means to buy the best gear for the band and spent creative time to come up with our sound through experiments and patents. Most new bands don’t create their sound; they literally buy it! 

Are there still a lot of metal fans going to gigs, or is that declining too? 

No, the thirst is always there.

The year 2012 has just ended. Some people look in the mirror at the end of year and reflect on themselves. Was there anything in 2012 you would have done different if you had the chance? And what is the thing you are most proud of in 2012? 

I am proud Nightfall is still around doing art without any compromise after so many years. Yet, 2012 was a very difficult year to me. How was it to you Reinier?

Which albums are in your opinion the best 5 albums released in 2012? 

I am gonna refer to only one, that of Dead Can Dance.

Anything else you want to share with our readers? 

Thank you very much mother of all Scandinavia.

Thanks for answering the questions! 

Appreciate your time and effort Reinier!

Nightfall - Cassiopeia

Label: Metal Blade

Link: facebook.com/nightfallgr



Efthimis Karadimas (Vocals)
Evan Hensley (Guitars)
Constantine (Guitars)
Stathis Ridis (Bass)
Stathis Kassios (Keys)
Jorg Uken (Drums)

Cassiopeia (2013)
Astron Black & The Thirty Tyrants (2010)
Lyssa: Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishment (2004)
I Am Jesus (2003)
Diva Futura (1999)
Electronegative (EP) (1999)
Lesbian Show (1997)
Athenian Echoes (1995)
Eons Aura (EP) (1995)
Macabre Sunsets (1993)
Parade Into Centuries (1992)  


Interviewed by Reinier de Vries