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Interview with Black Spiders, November 2013

Fast paced, high energetic rock 'n' roll from Sheffield, UK.

PoM : Can you tell our readers shortly about the history of Black Spiders?

Black Spiders:
Pete 'Spider' Spiby - vocals/guitar
Ozzy 'Owl' lister - guitar/ vox
Mark 'Dark Shark' Thomas - guitar
Adam 'Fox' Irwin - bass
'Tiger' Si Atkinson - drums

Most of us have been friends since we left school and had played in local bands, but never played in a band altogether until the end of 2008, when  we got together. The Iron Horse known as 'Black Spiders' has been trying to keep on the rails ever since...

PoM: Is there a main songwriter in the band or how have you divided the work with the song writing? 

Black Spiders: Initially I was the main songwriter when the band first started, but as we have progressed forward there are other writers in the band who contribute to the music too. We have so many ways of writing songs that it's hard to say if there is a main songwriter anymore....

PoM : Tell us how media has responded to the album so far?

Black Spiders:
We have had a great response to the new record so far, it seems like we are having the same success as our first album, only over a shorter period of time...

PoM: I especially like the long heavy closing song ‘Sleepy Demon’ Can you tell us more about that track??

Black Spiders: This song came about from a short fable I wrote, that went to help inspire the artwork for the album cover, which was done by our guitarist Ozzy.
The album obviously isn't a concept album as such, but a lot of the lyrics for the 20 songs we recorded towards the album are based around this story.....

PoM: The heavy track ‘Balls’ is also a great track, what can you tell us about that song?

Black Spiders: When the idea of the riff was first played it reminded me of a classic AC/DC, Bon Scott style, so this was the starting point for the song, which was based upon the idea of living out a voyeuristic fantasy. There's a lot of layers, with a hint of irony mixed in. I was about to become a father for the first time too, so quite poignant.... .

PoM: The Motorhead sounding track ‘Teenage Knife Gang’ is one of my favorites. Can you tell us something specific about the work with that song?

Black Spiders: This song came from a jam around one of the riffs in the song and pretty much wrote itself in no time at all.
I'd had the lyrical idea for a while but never used it and this song seemed the perfect vehicle for that. I think Lemmy would approve...

PoM: Are there any other track that means something extra or mean anything special for you on ‘This Savage Land'?
Black Spiders: They all mean a lot, as they are our babies.... but 'Put love on it's place' is pretty special, as it's the bands first power ballad and my first attempt at writing a love song..


PoM: How does the future look for the band? Any gigs or tours dates planned?

Black Spiders: Madrid is next for a show with Airbourne. I'm currently sat in the departure lounge and will hopefully make the gig. Then we continue to tour until the end of November and with a bit of luck will have a full calendar for next year....

PoM: Which bands or persons has been the musical inspiration for Black Spider?

Black Spiders: Michael Schenker has been a big influence on myself, as has Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne, John Bonham, Lemmy, Mark Lanegan and Duff McKagan.

PoM: Please tell us something about the great artwork - who made it and is it important to you with a cool artwork?

Black Spiders: As I said above Ozzy our guitarist does the artwork, but I'm the ideas man. He gets good inspiration from my ramblings......
Artwork is very important as it's a way to draw people into the music if they have never heard you before.
'Our name is our brand and our brand is good' and you can quote me on that hahaha

PoM: Thanks a lot for your time and do you have any last words to our readers?

Black Spiders:

Black Spiders - This Savage Land

Label: Listenable Records

Link: www.theblackspiders.com


Pete 'Spider' Spiby - vocals/guitar
Ozzy 'Owl' lister - guitar/ vox
Mark 'Dark Shark' Thomas - guitar
Adam 'Fox' Irwin - bass
'Tiger' Si Atkinson - drums

This Savage Land (2013)
Sons of the North (2011)


 Interviewed by Patrik Skoglund