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Interview with Dr. Ape who - Dr. Living Dead, December 2012

It's been a year since we've heard from DR. LIVING DEAD's vocalist Dr. Ape. An excellent new album, 'Radioactive Intervention', is in the stores and The Power Of Metal.dk's Thomas thinks it's time for a download from the masked front singer from the Swedish crossover thrashers.

POM: Hello, Dr. Ape! It's been a year since the last time you answered questions from the Power Of Metal.dk, and one of the notable things that have happened since then is that you toured with Evile and Portrait. What was your overall impression of the tour with Evile? Did it live up to your expectations?

Dr. Ape: It was great! We played a lot of shows and we had a lot of fun with those guys. Overall it was really good response from the people who came and saw us.

POM: Is there a special memory/funny story from the tour you could share with us?

Dr. Ape: Well, the toilet on the bus stopped working after a week or so during the tour. That sucked and it smelled, yes, it smelled of shit all over the bus. Don't know if that is a fun memory, but, well, I would say it was kinda funny when everybody had to pee in bottles for a week. Harder to shit in them, though.

POM: You've released the follow-up to your debut recently, 'Radioactive Intervention', a no less marvellous album than 'Dr. Living Dead'. How is 'Radioactive Intervention' different from the debut?

Dr. Ape: It is much more perfect. I would say the big difference is that the last album was half old demos. This one is not, but 99% new songs that have been worked on much more. I think this one is much better and with a much harder and rougher sound.

POM: How do you see Dr. Living Dead progress musically from here? These two albums have much in common. Aren't you afraid of artistic stagnation?

Dr. Ape: Nope! Did this music ever die? No, it did not. Maybe for some people, I mean in the 90's everyone wanted to sound like Korn. Even Slayer did. That sucked. This music never died and it will live forever.

POM: Aren't you busy enough already with Dr. Living Dead? Do you have the time to focus on your Ouijabeard project?

Dr. Ape: It is hard of course, sometimes. But most of the time I do music. Well, all of the time basically. I'm studying full time at a graphic design school at the moment. So yes it can be hard sometimes. So yes and no. I do have time, and sometimes I don't.

POM: Are you involved in other projects - or are any of the other members Dr. Living Dead?

Dr. Ape: I am always making music in some way. I have a lot of projects in my head most of the time. Ouijabeard is one of them. The Altmann project is the latest.

POM: What are the touring plans for the new album? Will we see you in Denmark again some time soon?

Dr. Ape: When Denmark is ready, the doc will be ready.

What's spinning on your iPod right now? Any cool new bands you can recommend?

Dr. Ape:
I'm listening to everything and everything else. Basically I listen to all kinds of music. 90% is still Maiden and Kiss, but I do listen to a lot of electronic music and pop as well. Right now I'm listening to Goblin.

Thanks a bunch for answering this - any last comments for our readers?

Dr. Ape:
Be yourself, don't try to be. Be! Listen to Slayer.

Dr. Living Dead - Radioactive Intervention

Label: High Roller Records

Link: MySpace.com.


Dr. Ape (Vocals)
Dr. Toxic (Guitars)
Dr. Rad (Bass)
Dr. Dawn (Drums)


Interviewed by Thomas Nielsen