Interview with Cliff Crabb - Agro, August 2012

Chance will have it that my next-door neighbours at Wacken are the South African band AGRO. I can’t think of any South African bands who’re household names around these northern shores, and to be honest, even if I have Agro’s ‘Armageddon Music’ album (2006) somewhere in the heaps of promo CD’s back home, I can’t say it’s a band and a scene I’ve followed. Perhaps it’s time to get a low down from one of founding member of the band, Cliff Crabb (vocals), wouldn’t you said?
Thomas: Cliff, could you give our readers a short introduction to the band? When did you start the band, what kind of metal do you play, etc?
Cliff: Hi Thomas, thank you for the opportunity. We started the band in 1993 as a bunch of kids not knowing much, but the fire of heavy metal burned so brightly within me that nearly 20 years later we are still here and loving it just as much! I think our style of music is like power thrash.
Thomas: You have seven albums out, the latest being released in 2010, you’re playing Wacken this year, what else is going on in the world of Agro?
Cliff: As soon as we get back home we will be hard at work writing a new album and then we will start searching for a deal to release it in Europe and abroad.
Thomas: You played Wacken and did a small European tour in 2000. How was that experience and do you notice any differences now, 12 years down the road?
Cliff: Well, we are just sad and sorry it’s taken us 12 years to get back to Europe… But now that we have rid ourselves of our bad management we will be able to return more frequently as we are now in control of our funds and destiny.
Thomas: What’s the South African metal scene like? Thriving?

Cliff: There are a few very good metal bands in South Africa, the support is moderate, but sadly there are too many shitty metal core bands polluting the scene.

Thomas: Are there any South African bands you can recommend?

Cliff: Warthane, Sacrifist, Balyios, Contrast the Water, Adorned in Ash are in my opinion among the cream of the crop.
Thomas: What are you listening to at the moment – who are the movers on the global metal scene right now?

Cliff: My personal taste is usually a lot softer than the rest of the band… at the moment I’m listening to Freedom Call, Accept, Manowar. The next big thing in the metal scene would probably be someone from the new Thrash movement we are enjoying at the moment.
Thomas: Thanks for answering these questions. Any last rants to our readers?


Cliff: Thank you for still supporting us. Metal will never die. See you in Europe again soon.

 Wez, Cliff and Robbie from Agro, backstage at Wacken Open Air 2012

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Cliff Crabb - Vocals
Robbie Riebler - Bass
Wez Hitchin - Drums
John Morrow - Guitars
Allan Lancaster - Guitars
Katherine Morrow - Violin


Interviewed by Thomas Nielsen