Interview with Zeb - Malison Rouge, March 2011

I am sure you are a big unknown to most of our readers – so could you please introduce yourselves?

Malison Rogue - We're four swedish guys who shares the passion for music, specially the 80's metal scene. After about five years of rehearsing, demo recordings and live gigs we finally signed a record deal with Inner Wound.

In the summer of 2010 we recorded and mixed our debut album, which we're now ready to unleash!

"Malison Rogue" is your debut album what can metal fans expect from it?

Malison Rogue - Catchy and tasteful metal songs with a progressive touch.

How happy are you with the final result and what kind of expectations do you have for it?

Malison Rogue - We're very satisfied with the production, Mats Levén and Nicko Dimarino did a fantastic job! All the former demos turned out to be a good mix of diffrent types of songs. Of course we hope that the listeners will appreciate the album

If you had to pick one song off the album that represent the essence of Malison Rogue, which one would you pick and why? Personally I would probably pick the strong opener; "Friend or Foe?".

Malison Rogue Friend or Foe is a good example! It's actually the first song we wrote that captured a kind of Queensr˙che vibe. The song has a strong bass rythm, cool guitar harmonys and melodic vocal lines. Those elements are for us the essence of Malison Rogue.

I draw comparisons with bands like old Queensryche, Lethal and Deadly Blessing. Bands that had their best moments in the late 80s, is that where your roots lie?

Malison Rogue - Yes absolutely. Queensr˙che, Fates Warning and Crimson Glory are all fantastic bands, we also love classic heavy metal bands such as Priest, Maiden and Accept. And of course, 80's hair metal is always a party starter.

Who and what has inspired you, musically as well as lyrically?

Malison Rogue Musically: DeGarmo/Tate/Wilson, Harris/Dickinson/Smith among others. Lyrically: life, people, situations.

Any touring plans in the near future?

Malison Rogue Not at the moment. We have a couple of gigs planned, but it would be awesome to do a proper tour.

If you had the choice what would be your ideal touring package?

Malison Rogue - Queensr˙che, Crimson Glory and Malison Rogue, tour 2011

What does the words heavy metal mean to you?

Malison Rogue - Rob Halford and beer!

Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

Malison Rogue - Use condom...... and be sure to check out our album (release date 25th of March)

Malison Rouge - Malison Rouge

Label: Inner Wounds Recordings



Zeb (Sebastian Jansson) - Vocals
Bjoerkborg (Jonathan Björkborg) - Guitars
Pete Fury (Petter Furå) - Bass
Doc (Jens Vestergren) - Drums

Malison Rouge (2011)

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen