Interview with Niels Vejlyt, Infinity Overture - January 2011

Hi Niels, first off I want to congratulate on another cool album.

Hey Kenn, thanks a lot my friend


You could call this Infinity Overture Part 2, changing the entire line-up and a light change in style as well, why did you feel the need for these almost drastic changes?

Infinity Overture – To be honest I got tired of the power metal vibe the songs have, and I think I have broadened my taste a lot since I wrote those songs. I also wanted to make use of Jakob Vand's skills so me and him could go off and shred ha ha. Regarding the line-up change, Anne Karine who did all the female vocals on the first album was not into metal, the drummer and Ian were just guests and Mads Damgaard was not interested in metal either. So obviously I needed new people.


So what kind of hopes and expectations do you have for "The Infinite Overture, Part 1"?

Infinity Overture – I want to explore new territories with my music, and I hope people can see its qualities. I also want to develop as much as possible as a songwriter and guitarist.


New vocalist - did you feel the new style and the material was better suited for a female vocalist?

Infinity Overture - Well some of the songs do, I also think the growling vocals suits the songs a lot.


How did you recruit the new staff, 3 very talented musicians, whom most have never heard of them?

Infinity Overture – Jakob Vand is a long time friend whom I also played with in a band called My Empty Room, which actually also featured a guy called Jesper Nielsen who is now second guitar player and keyboard player in Infinity Overture. Bernardo I can’t really remember how I met, but he is such a great musician and he has been recording with me for a long time. Kimmie came into the band when me and Jakob were auditioning female singers.


Your last album "Kingdom of Utopia" was a concept album, what topics are you dealing with on this album?

Infinity Overture – Well I actually wrote the lyrics for both "Kingdom of Utopia" and this new one, but I agreed with Ian that he could write new ones for "Kingdom of Utopia". The lyrics for "The Infinite Overture pt. 1" are a mixture of personal topics and some fantasy stories. I think the more I get into lyric writing, the more personal they get.


Where do you see the biggest difference between your last two albums?

Infinity Overture – The guitars has become very dominating on the new album, and I tried to incorporate more diversity into the song writing. "Kingdom of Utopia" is more straight Symphonic Powermetal with progressive elements here and there.

I assume there will be a second part, any idea what direction you will take the band on that album?

Infinity Overture – Oh yes, right now I'm writing pt. 2 and its going to be very epic, I don't want to reveal too much yet


Infinity Overture - any deeper meaning behind the name?

Infinity Overture - Only that at I have a big love for symphonic music.


What do the words Progressive Metal mean to you?

Infinity Overture - That you take some chances with your music, trying out stuff maybe have not been done before, combining musical styles. Of course it has become a style in it self, but when I pick up an album that has a Progressive Metal label on it, I expect to be tested, and that I'm going to hear stuff that I maybe have not heard before.


Name five albums that have made a big impact on today’s scene and you personally...

Infinity Overture – To me right now - Neal Morse: Lifeline, his lyrics means so much to me, and I love the progressive rock he composes. Dream Theater: Black Clouds and Silver Linings, their compositional skills and  technical skills are so inspiring. Opeth: Watershed, Mikael Åkerfeldts voice and totally outrageous ideas and compositions is something I want to acquire too. Meshuggah: Catch 33, is also so unique and fresh way to sound and compose. John Williams: A New Hope, the man is a genius and I want to learn from him.


Infinity Overture isn't taking all of your time (I assume), what other project are you spending your time on?

Infinity Overture – I finished a instrumental album that Tommy Hansen is mixing right now, that I hope will be released, I also work on some film score ideas. I have a guitar school in Denmark and an online guitar school

I am also working on a film manuscript together with a actor that I hope can be realized some day, and we are also doing some video ideas together.


Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

Infinity Overture - Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this interview, I hope the people who liked the old album will give this one a chance too, in my opinion it's more subtle and takes more focus to get into, I also hope we will get new listeners of course.

Infinity Overture - The Infinite Overture, Part 1

Label: Lion Music



Kimmie Tenna Nielsen - Vocals
Niels Vejlyt - Guitars, orchestrations and growl
Bernardo Fesch - Bass
Jakob Vand - Drums

The Infinite Overture, Part 1 (2011)
Kingdom of Utopia (2009)

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen