Interview with Illdisposed - April 2011

Receive our compliments for “There is Light (But it’s not for me)”. Why ILLDISPOSED are always on the run? Why you are changing yourselves?


The short version: Because we can! We could make the same album over and over again like lots of other bands do but that’s just not us. We get bored. It’s way more fun to evolve our style. It’s not that we’re suddenly playing brit-pop, it’s still metal.

You have changed lot of members in the past. At what level the personality of the musicians in the band influence the music as a final product? Is this the reason for the fluctuation in the style or the experiment itself is in the base of the concept of ILLDISPOSED?


I guess you can say that. You can really hear on “Submit” that Gilsted wrote most of the music back then. But since 2004 I’ve been writing all music alone without any influence from anyone except for Bo. So what you hear on the last 4 albums and most of Vindication is just Bo and I.


You have very interesting EPs! Are they some kind of a vent for your final experiments?


You can say that. They are the result of what’s on our minds and what we like to do at the time we make them.


In your last two albums the influence of the keyboards is on the increase. Do you have any special requirements when you play live? (Unfortunately I have never been at your show).


We use a sequencer live to play the keyboards. We don’t want a keyboard player in the band. That would look ridiculous!


Besides Massacre Records have you got a label from which you were satisfied? Is the change of the labels a part of your experiment or a result from it? What are the good sides of Massacre Records?


We were satisfied with both Diehard and Roadrunner. But we were with Diehard for around 8 years and we needed some changes back then. So we changed a few band members and the record label. We never changed label just for fun, but because it was necessary. As soon as they started to piss at us we left. Massacre Records didn’t piss at us and they are nice people to work with.


I recently listened to the new album of PANZERCHRIST. They are as your contra-point. Do you feel the rivalry?


No, not at all. It’s Michael’s band and he’s a good friend of ours. I don’t think I know any other members than him. Bo is not with them anymore. I heard that they’re a black metal band now.

Besides you, which are the Danish death metal (and not only death metal) bands that we have to look for at the moment? Would you recommend me something, please!


I think the problem with the Danish metal scene is that I can only mention Raunchy, Hatesphere, Mnemic and Mercenary that are really getting attention outside Denmark. And 10 years ago it was exactly the same bands. Nothing is happening here, the new bands don’t try hard enough. You’ll probably find some good bands out there but no one caught my attention yet.

When your band was founded had it any specific inspirations? Do you have any now? Are the inspirations as dynamic as your music is?


I can only say what’s going on now since I wasn’t in the band from the beginning. We’re not directly inspired by anything. Of course we’re indirectly inspired of what we listen to and that’s mainly stuff that’s on the radio. And I think that’s why we don’t sound like everybody else. We don’t listen that much to extreme music anymore.


Why do you change your logo often?


Because the cover artist wants to change it to fit his artwork. It’s not something we want to do. But what does it mean anyway, it’s just a logo? Does a car get worse if the company change their logo?


Are there any isolated periods in your creative work? What is the place of your new album in it? Does “There is Light (But it’s not for me)” determines directions or we will be surprised? Is a new EP coming? Could we have some expectations or we can only guess?


I don’t know, I think that most of our albums have got the same roots but are still different from each other. Many bands use the same studio and the same producer every time, we change that process every time. We need these changes so we don’t get bored with what we do. So you can definitely expect surprises in the future as well.
I already have a few ideas for some new songs so a new album will definitely come within the next years.


Do you like thrash metal?  Would you compose a thrash album?


I liked it more 15 years ago. But the new Forbidden album is amazing. If I knew a singer like him I would definitely make a thrash metal album.


Do you live from your music? What are your favorite activities?


No – all of us have regular jobs. You need a break-through to live a decent life – and that won’t happen with the music we play.
My favorite activities are based on eating and drinking. Good red wine and good Scotch single malt.


Thank you for finding time to answer my questions!



Illdisposed - There is Light (But it's not for me) 

Label: Massacre Records


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Bo "Subwoofer" Summer – Vocals

Jakob "Batten" Hansen – Guitar

Franz "Hellboss" Gottschalk – Guitar

Thomas "Muskelbux" Jensen – Drums

Jonas "Kloge" Mikkelsen – Bass

There is Light (But it's not for me) (2011)
To Those Who Walk Behind Us (2009)
The Prestige (2008)
Burn Me Wicked (2006)
1-800 Vindication (2004)
Demo 2003 (EP - 2003)
Kokaiinum (2001)
Retro (2000)
There's Something Rotten... In the State of Denmark (1997)
Submit (1995)
Helvede (1995)
Return from Tomorrow (EP - 1994)
Four Depressive Seasons (1993)

Interviewed by Maria D. S.