Interview with Koert (guitar) - Hatred, January 2011

Why did the band call themselves Hatred, there are (have been) a lot of bands with this name and not very unique for a Google search?

Koert: Hi, by the way. Yes you're right. The name of the band isn't very easy to find in the web, cause there are about 14 groups which called the same way and Hatred is a word of daily use. But as the band was founded lots of years ago where nobody thought about the future and marketing concepts with a catchy name. And so we kept Hatred through the times and now it's simply too late to change everything, even if we want to.

After the last record 'Madhouse Symphonies' there were quite some things going on, for example the song "We Are the Moshcrew" chosen as the official hymn to the Electronic Arts game "Brutal Legend". How did this happen?

Koert: It was luck and hard work! EA asked us for doing some commercial on our website. They told us, that they want to release a game called Brutal Legend and so on. So I searched for the game and found that voting going on. We registered there, and tried to get votes for nearly a month... every day... and finally became the winner. Actually such things happened the past two years constantly We're very happy, cause that all pushed the band to another limit, like the winning of another voting in 2009. Cause of that we took part on the last Dubai Desert Rock, which was amazing.

What is in your opinion the biggest difference between your last record and your new one 'Destruction Manual'?

Koert: I think we found our own style. On Madhouse Symphonies you can hear lots of riffs and melodies which make you hear clearly the influences of the band. Now we created something that I can say, "that's Hatred, that's like the band should sound and thats our stand in this whole new-wave-of-thrash thing"... without drawing comparisons first.

The title has everything to do with the things going on in the world at the moment?

Koert: No, not really. It's just a cool title for an album and a graphical concept behind the music. He he. Surely, our singer Bacchus tried to broach the issue of current themes, but he didn't pick out political and social problems directly.

Your previous album was released by Twilight Vertrieb, this one by SAOL/H'Art, why this change?

Koert: Cause there was a need to change things. The way Twilight works and communicates doesn't fit with a band that wants to make a lot of suggestions for the promotion. SAOL just listens to us and talks with us, what makes everything easier. Hehe.

The music you play can certainly not be called very original and I think this isn't what the band wants either, which bands are you biggest influences and what makes Hatred different than a lot of other bands that play the same kind of stuff?

Koert: Hmm, I think you are right. Our mission is not to sound very original, that's surely not what's Thrash-Metal about. But we want to sound our own way. Therefore we are working with our influences that came from everywhere. On Destruction Manual you can hear Rock to Black-Metal attired riffing that came directly out of the 80s, from bands like Metallica, Exodus, Overkill and Testament. Combined it creates Hatred and somehow I hope that you can hear our tries to get out of this playing "Slayerish" thing, that many bands have done the past few years.

Who are the creative members in the band, who writes the stuff and lyrics?

Koert: The lyrics are mainly done by Bacchus and a little bit by myself. The instrumental thing is always created in the rehearsal-room. Maddin and I come up with riffs and than we stick them together to a song. That's it.

When is a song good enough to be chosen for a Hatred album?

Koert: On this album we had the slogan "do it like Motörhead". Hehe. We just finished these songs you can hear on the record. There was no more material left... and written before the recordings. Hehe. But maybe we should change that way to work...

You can't make a living out of the band, do you all have regular jobs and how can you combine this with playing gigs?

Koert: Yeah, that's hard to combine. We're doing our jobs, and just play at weekends. But we have no dreams to make money with the band. This is just a thing of a few chosen ones, sadly. The music business today is a dirty machine that swallows everybody, who tries to make his day with it. And nobody of us wants to live as an old man on the streets just because he gave his life to the music. I wish I could say something more hopeful but there is no way to color it. I made enough bad experiences in the past. As a young man I thought another way.

Talking about live performances, something happening on that part in the near future?

Koert: If you mean like there is a tour planned, I have to disappoint you. As it was said in the question before: We have our jobs and just can play the weekends. So we trying hard to get gigs, what has worked so far. We played always more than 20 shows a year since the band exists. I think that's a good pattern.

What is the weirdest thing that happened to you or the band on tour?

Koert:: Hmm, there have been a few things. For people that are interested in funny stories of our tour life, just search on Youtube Triple Thrash Treat Tour. Hehe. There you will find things you can't describe with words.

The next album will certainly be full of German thrash again, how do you keep yourself inspired, what is the bands goal?

Koert: I don't think we're playing the German Thrash that would be expected. We're more into the Bay-Area-Stuff and because of this... Yeah, you will find Thrash. But I don't think, that the upcoming album will sound the way Destruction Manual did. Cause we have to change a few typical riffs, to face our trademarks more than ever.

If you have to choose the 5 ultimate thrash-albums made, which 5 would this be?

Koert: A hard question for me, hmmm but I think that's my fav:
1. Metallica - Kill 'em All
2. Metallica - ...and Justice for All
3. Testament - LOW
4. Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
5. Vendetta - Brain Damage

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Koert: Don't share, buy music! Hehe.

Hatred - Destruction Manual

Label: SAOL/H 'Art/Zebrulation



Matthias Mauler - Vocals
Frank Schmauser - Guitars
Martin Köth - Guitars
Harald Schmitt - Bass
Daniel Buld - Drums

Destruction Manual (2010)
Madhouse Symphonies (2008)
Soulless (2004)
Fractured (2002)

Interviewed by Reinier de Vries