Interview with Dr. Ape - Dr. Living Dead, December, 2011


One of the coolest albums out this year in Thomas’ book was Dr. Living Dead’s debut crossover showcase ‘Dr. Living Dead’. Our reviewer feels an obligation to send Dr. Living Dead vocalist Dr. Ape is round of questions.

Thomas: Dr. Ape, what a debut! You must be ready to take on the world right now?
 Dr. Ape: Well, the Doc has us all in his fists...
Thomas: ‘Dr. Living Dead’ is no revolution, I trust you can bear with me for saying that, but it’s so firmly rooted in the crossover thrash genre of the late 80s/early nineties and played with such conviction that it brings a tear to my eye. Whatever possessed you to do music that sounds more late 80s than the late 80s did?
 Dr. Ape: I will have to blame the 80's . The best music came from the 80's. Period. Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D, Nuclear assault, Suicidal etc... Yes, our type of sound was invented in the 80's by bands like these, but our band did not start until 2007. That does not mean that we are some kind of retro act. You never hear people talk about jazz revivals just because people play jazz in 2012? It's not our fault that bands quit playing thrash. For me this music never went away. The best fucking guitar riffs came from this genre and still does.
Thomas: The thing that strikes me the most about the album is the fact that your voices (and I’m not sure who does which voice) sound so much like some of the big voices of the genre. There’s a Mike Muir (ST) voice in there, a Tom Araya screamer, a John Connelly (Nuclear Assault) voice – I mean almost to the point that I at first thought that they had either helped you or were part of the band! Who does which voices in the band?
 Dr. Ape: I do all the lead vocals. The other guys do the hockey shouting.
Thomas: Which track is your favourite off the album and why?
Dr. Ape: Dead end life and Reptiles. They are fun to do live. Good energy with fun lyrics. Also, they represent us more how we sound as a band 2011.
Thomas: Why did you decide to use masks and hide behind the odd names? Stage fright? Slipknot syndrome?

 Dr. Ape: Have you ever seen those classic posters and flyers from the early 80's L.A.- hardcore scene? The artwork mainly from the venice bands had these bandana skulls with knifes and shit. You can see it as a tribute to them.
Thomas: What kind of band are you; a we-really-like-it-in-the-studio band or a we-can’t-wait-to-get-out-there-and-play band?
 Dr. Ape: We are a live band. That is also the feel you get when you listen to the record. No fucking triggers and loudness stuff. Pure fucking metal in your face.
Thomas: The best crossover/thrash band ever was/is…?

 Dr. Ape: First of all, Suicidal Tendencies. Slayer. I never saw them as a straight thrash band. They had the punk feel to it as well and still do. Then you have Excel. Amazing fucking band.
Thomas: The past four or five years there’s been a resurgence of old school thrash metal with new, young bands emerging along with the ‘old’ giants coming back. Which bands do you think are cutting it and have a genuine vibe? Municipal Waste? Evile?
 Dr. Ape: I like them both. Actually I think Metallicas best work in 20 years is done by Evile. Their latest effort is really good. I like the older municipal stuff.
Thomas: You’ll be touring with Evile in 2012. Is this your first tour or did you do some touring before with your demo material?
 Dr. Ape: We have done gigs here and there but only one bigger tour and that was the brazil one in 2009. It was cool as hell. We did this 3 or 4 week tour with only two demos in our catalog.
Thomas: What was the last gig you went to and was it any good?
 Dr. Ape: Motörhead in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Was it good? Well, it was Motörhead. That's about it.
Thomas: Your top of the pops albums right now?
 Dr. Ape: Hard question. I listen to so much music it's hard to choose. But the last two days or so I've been listening to “Mind Wars” by Holy terror. It's an old album, but fucking great. Guilty is a band from Sweden you should check out. I listen to them a lot. They deserve more attention. The Blade runner soundtrack is spinning as we speak.
Thomas: Thanks very much for taking the time to answer these questions, Dr. Ape. Any last shout-outs for our readers?
 Dr. Ape: Thank you! Come to the shows, Don't listen to stupid people and their shitty music.

Dr. Living Dead - Dr. Living Dead

Label: High Roller Records

Link: Dr. Living Dead@MySpace.


Dr. Ape (Vocals)
Dr. Toxic (Guitars)
Dr. Rad (Bass)
Dr. Dawn (Drums)

Thrash After Death - Demo (2007)
Thrashing the Law - Demo (2008)
Dr. Living Dead (2011)


Interviewed by Thomas Nielsen