Interview with Bruno Masulli - Annihilationmancer, June 2011

What the fortune holds in store for ANNIHILATIONMANCER is they to be a trio. The band is the hardest creation of the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Bruno Masulli and it always chooses the hard way from its foundation in the dark years for thrash metal to its elite full-length debut. Finally released via label ANNIHILATIONMANCER have what to say...

Is ANNIHILATIONMANCER a project or a band? What are your latest shows? Is this the real face of Bruno Masulli?

Annihilationmancer born in 1995 it’s a band. We had last concerts during album planning; band had problems about line up too. I hope to play again as soon as possible to promote the album, outside too. Unfortunately in south of Italy is not easy to play heavy metal. Situation is not good here. This is my first band and I was a young thrasher. That’s my thrash metal side and technic perspective, but I formed so many different projects during the years. In Aevum Agere is my doom and evocative side or Power Beyond band is my power u.s. and teutonic face and more projects. Each of my project have a personal features.

The time of the foundation of the band is dark in reference to the thrash metal. My compliments for the guts! Why did you found ANNIHILATIONMANCER? 

I think if you are a coherent musician, if your roots are strong and your inspirations and references are really clear you know that’s hard but you know that you do so at the end the efforts and stubbornness will be rewarded. About name of Annihilationmancer, I thought for a non-common name around annihilation and about metaphoric and politic meaning of peace.

Have you listened to SEVENTH ANGEL? If yes – what is your opinion about them?

No I don’t know this band, I’m sorry.

What bands could be an inspiration for you? What is the essence of your lyrics?

Band come from my thrash metal bay area influences, Megadeth (Rust in Peace), Coroner, main influence is Death.  Albums like “Symbolic” or “Sound Of Perserverance” are great inspiration for development of our sound. Anyway, other band members have their style and this is important for personal sound. About the lyrics they turn around existence and complexity of society and evolution of mankind joined to self destruction.

Who invented the concept for “The Bleeding Peace”? What else could be said for it besides the obvious?

Myself! And I designed it about in 1995. Meaning of bleeding peace is around perennial paradox of existence, it also turns around the meaning of The Involution Philosophy album. Of course that’s a symbolic message, about double faced and confusing role of peace for politicians. 

What are the world known names with which you would like to share one stage? What are the bands with which you already played?  What are the Italian bands which should be heard by your new fans?

You see, we are an underground metal band, we play with Italian bands of our same level and together Italian underground metal bands. Unfortunately we had not many opportunities to play outside. When I was very young I dreamed to play with great metal bands like Megadeth and Death. Fortunately I played in many south of Italy bands and I had the chance to play around Italy and in Germany, not yet for Annihilationmancer. Now my only expectation is to play good concerts outside and promote my music.

Was it easy or hard for you to release your debut? In how many copies was released the self-produced album? What more gives you the label?

Well, in Italy everything is hard, and most in south of Italy. Life of Annihilationmancer was hard because line up was not ever stable and second we did not have many means. We released copies for magazines and webzines and we sent the material to few labels. Pure Underground records was interested to produce our album.

When do you expect to have the next release? What it will be? Is there something which you will develop?

After summer we will plan for new release, most of new material is ready. Next work will be a further step for band.

Annihilationmancer - The Involution Philosophy

Label: Pure Underground Records




Bruno Masulli -  Vocals, Guitars

Luca Coppola - Bass

Andrea Cannata - Drums


1999: Demo "Unpunished Massacre Messiah"
2009: Demo "Promo";
2010, 2011: "The Involution Philosophy"


Interviewed by Maria D. S.