Interview with Winter's Verge, January 2010

In 2 weeks time you can buy the new Winter's Verge album: 'Tales of Tragedy'. With the metal label Massacre Records behind them and a decent album the future looks bright.  Just before the release Winter's Verge found time to answer some questions.


Could you please introduce the band to our readers?

Winter's Verge: We are: George Charalambous-vocals, Stefanos Psillides-keys, Charis Pari-guitars, Miguel Trapezaris-bass and Chris Ioannides on drums.

What is in your opinion the biggest difference between 'Another Life'-Another End' your debut and your new album 'Tales of Tragedy'?

Winter's  Verge: Firstly, 'Another Life-Another End' was not our first album, but our first complete demo album. The first official album was 'Eternal Damnation'.  The difference is: Better songs, better production and a better sound in general. The band has matured and will continue to do so with every next album.

How is the writing process for a Winter's Verge song?How is the writing process for a Winter's Verge g?

WV.: This album was basically written through the internet. Two of the guys live in London so we were sending ideas back and forth until we met up at the studio in Germany to record it.

You are one of the many power metal bands around our globe, any idea why Massacre Records chose Winter's Verge?

WV.: The important thing is that they did choose W.V. for whatever their reasons are. They saw the devotion we have towards the band and we are hoping the potential for better things to come!

You must be very pleased with that, will this give the popularity of WV a boost?

WV.: Of course we are very pleased!  We believe that it will definitely give us a boost if we deal with things correctly and make good decisions on our part. Because once you have a good record deal and you are out there touring, it is only up to you, no one else. 

Who is responsible for the song writing or is it a process where every member gives input?

WV.: An idea starts from any one of us and each band member gives their own input after that. We believe that is the easiest and most efficient way of working. At least for our band.

Is there a lyrical concept?

WV.: Not in general, but the song "I Swear Revenge" is actually a continuation of "Eternal Damnation" from the first album. From the looks of it there will be a part 3 on the next album also, because it turned out to be a pretty cool Vampire story

A nice album-cover, what does the band want to express with it?

WV.: We basically thought of this album as a book of tales, and that's what it is if you read the lyrics. We definitely wanted to give that same feel to the album-cover and booklet. Cheers to Meran Karanitant for the Designs!

R.D. Liapakis was again responsible for the production, is he a friend or is it more the 'never change a winning team' formula.

WV.: Both! R.D. became a good friend along the way! He has helped the band with everything so far. Things are looking up for us and he is definitely a big part of that.

Is there a big metal scene on Cyprus?

WV.: Being a small island you can't expect much of a scene, but there is one and there are always concerts happening here and there.

Personally I think George is a decent singer, but on the ballad "For Those Who are Gone" I think you can hear his limitations and also the choir singing can be improved. What is you meaning about this? 

WV.: Reality is that most of the times after recording an album each musician wishes he could go back and fix stuff because they are not 101% happy with the outcome. Singing a whole album in the studio in 2 or 3 days can be very stressful and that shows sometimes.

Are there any touring plans?

WV.: We will opening for STRATOVARIUS on the Balkan leg of their tour starting 23/01, in Serbia.

A new year has started, what were in your opinion the 5 best albums of 2009?

WV.: I think the 5 best albums of 2009 without them being in any specific order, are Sonata Arctica - Days of Grays, Stratovarius - Polaris, Iron Maiden - Flight 666, Mystic Prophecy - Fireangel and Heaven And Hell - The Devil You Know.

Any wishes for 2010?

WV.: We wish everyone a Happy Metal Year, and to stay true to themselves!

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

WV.: Thank you for reading,

Cheers and keep rocking!

We hope to see you guys somewhere down the road soon!



Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy

Album available: January 29th 2010 on Massacre Records.