Interview with Simon frot War from a Harlot's Mouth (October 2010)


The music of WFAHM is too advanced to be featured in somewhat frames. This is the sound of an intelligent foredoom in the society of television. It could be named ‘math core’, but it is something more - a brilliant shock coming out of the underground!


Are you disposed to share thoughts about your music or you consider that it speaks enough for itself to those who can listen?

Well, there’d be a lot to talk about, I don’t even know where to start. To put things short and sweet, our band is all about creativity in regards of extreme and experimental music. We don’t care about the latest hypes in all those scenes out there, we just do our thing and stick to our guns. We write, record and perform the music we’d like to listen to ourselves and that’s about it.


Is WAR FROM a HARLOT’S MOUTH a social position or a creative project?
Both things play a role in WFAHM. We’re a creative project first and foremost, but we do place a lot of value on the content of the lyrics. We leave the stupid entertainment to the pop culture and mainstream, even if those things play a growing role in extreme music nowadays, which isn’t exactly a good thing most of the time.

Anyhow, you should check out the lyrics of ‘MMX’, they deal with social anxiety and a life apart from society, based on fictitious characters. So there most definitely is a social aspect in our music.


Did you intentionally cut the thrash riffs in your new album?

Let’s put it that way: We didn’t write Thrash riffs on our previous albums intentionally. I think the only Thrash riffing that comes to my mind takes place in ‘Crooks at your Door’, but that’s about it…I guess. We just wanted to go for a much more extreme direction with ‘MMX’, and intentionally included some sort of a Black Metal type of vibe here and there.


Math Core or Grind Core?
It doesn’t really matter. I’m not exactly a sucker for genre definition and all that jazz. We draw influences from both of these genres and tons more.


When a straight-forwarded metal fan makes a grab for your album should he be prepared with something more than his ears?
With an open mind, I guess. But it’s not like our music is rocket science. Also, ‘MMX’ is a little more straightened out on first impression. Or lets say the math-elements are way more subtle this time. They are still there, but you’d have to take a close listen to realize at some points of the record. Anyhow, I think any fan of extreme Metal can enjoy ‘MMX’, really.


Are you influenced by the progressive rock and the progressive metal scene?
Partially, maybe. We’re stoked by bands like Cynic or Atheist for sure. These bands integrated jazzy bits and pieces in a Metal context way back in the day, so I definitely appreciate them for their approach and take on that in heavy music.


With your new album you achieve highest tops of musicianship. Do more people listen to your music than before?  
I think the interest in technical Metal music has been rising throughout the last few years, so there definitely is a bigger crowd for that type of music today.


Which is the highest aim to which you strive for?
We just want to be able to continue with what we’re doing…recording and putting out albums and touring the world. I wish it would be easier sometimes - it’s impossible to make a living out of that, so you always have to work whenever you’re not on tour. But anyhow, it’s a killer experience and we definitely got something we can look back to and be grateful and proud about once we’re too old for that shit.  



Simon / WFAHM


Interviewed by Maria D. S.

War from a Harlot's Mouth - MMX

Album available on Lifeforce Records.