Interview with Marcie Michelle Free - Unruly Child, December 2010


"Worlds Collide" is the fist album with the original line-up since your highly acclaimed debut album, why did it take so long to get your all together again?

Marcie:  Because I had decided to retire from the music business in 1995 after coming out with my gender issues.  I needed a break from the public eye long enough to find myself and become at peace with who I truly am.  But in the end, God works in mysterious ways and it was revealed to me while praying that it was time for me to come back and give back what has been given to me.  I wouldn't have been ready if I would have come back two years ago.

"Worlds Collide" is the first one in a very long time. Why now?

Marcie: We came back together as a result of me getting sober about two and a half years ago.  Bruce and I started to talk on the phone again and we would fantasize putting the band back together. But nothing was ever discussed seriously until one day last May 2009.  But me getting sober is the key as I would probably not have been in the right state of mind to accept the responsibility of giving back the gift I feel God has blessed me with.  I am much more in tune with my God and feel grateful today for what God has given me as a result of being sober.  So many wonderful things have happened.  Being blinded by drugs and alcohol keeps you in spiritual bondage and in an ungrateful state of being.  The record was recorded and written in four months starting mid December 2009 to April 2010.  All the songs are brand new.  I call them little gifts from heaven.  Because that's what they felt like when we were inspired to write them.  I think this is some of the best stuff I have ever done.

What kind of hopes and expectations do you have for the album?

Marcie:  Wouldn't it be exciting if we became a household name like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin or something?  That's what you dream of when you're a kid trying to succeed in the music business.  But truly we have gotten past all that.  Now we are simply content with being creative and doing what we do well.

If you were to single out one song from the album that is a favorite which one would it be and why?

Marcie:  There are many favorites of mine as I think the album as a whole needs each song in it's perspective place to keep the energy flowing.  We intended each song to make it's own particular impact and or message so to speak.  So it's almost impossible for me to single out any one of them.

How does the final result compare to the idea you had going into the studio?

Marcie:  I am very pleased with the result we got.  For the amount of money we had to work with and me being retired for 17-18 years.  I think we did damn well.

Marcie Michelle Free

What do you want to express with the great artwork (by Hugh Syme)?

Marcie: Hugh did our first cover.  He is a very talented artist.  I think the cover reflects a part of us all when we were young and discovering life all around us.  We pushed the envelope just to see what would happen. I know I had to bash my head against that perverbial brick wall before I learned my lesson.  Can't you just see the parents of these two children stepping in and giving them a wallop for playing marbles with the worlds upsetting life in the balance?

Any deeper meaning behind the name?

Marcie:  Unruly Child was a band name I came up with while trying to give my last band a name when we were name less.  We ended up with Signal as a result of being in the studio half way done with our record and having the newly assigned A&R rep at EMI give us the name Signal.  Which I never really liked all that much.  I just couldn't get the other guys in the group to agree on any name I suggested.  Which I had quite a few.  When I suggested it to Bruce and Guy when we had decided to form our band they instantly loved it and I knew I had finally found my match.  We all feel like we are or have been unruly children at one point in our lives.

You are releasing this album on the Frontiers Records label, one of the leading melodic rock labels, if not the leading one. How did you hook up with them and do you see this as an advantage?

Marcie: Serafino and Mario have been after me for years to come back out of retirement. So it was not surprising to me to learn they had contacted Bruce to ask if I would be interested in signing to do another record.  I think my answer to agree was more of a surprise to them.  It is a great advantage as these guys really love the music genre which makes it all that more enjoyable to work with.

What does the words melodic rock mean to you?

Marcie: Mainstream music.  Something you can sing along to.  Easy listening.  Not goth or thrash metal.  Perhaps a more positive message.

Name five albums that have made a big impact on todayís scene and you personally...

Marcie:  I can't.  I wish I could.  I just don't listen to any new groups although I know there is a lot of great and talented artists out there. I just personally don't listen to it all that much any more. I've got my life filled up with so many other things.

Unruly Child isnít taking all of your time (I assume), what other project are you spending your time on?

Marcie:  Actually it is taking up a lot of my time but I am also spending time writing my life story for a book I am working on and perhaps even a movie.  As well as thinking about a solo record and the re-release of the Tormented record.

Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

Marcie:  I thank you too for the honor to speak with you and your readers.  I never rant but I would like to say thank you all for your many years of love and support.  I have appreciated it more than you will know. I hope we can come out soon and meet you all when we take it on the road.



Interviewed by Kenn Jensen

Unruly Child - Worlds Collide

Album available on Frontiers Records